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Typical Staffing Recruiter Status Workflow

This guide will help you to understand the general workflow of moving a candidate through the different recruiting stages through status updates. You can click on the buttons at the bottom of the page for a complete walk through and for more in depth guidance on the features and steps that happen in between each stage.

Create Candidate Record
Associate To Job Opening
  • Candidate Defaults to "New" Status
  • Move to "Waiting For Evaluation" If general requirements met but pre-screen needed
  • Move to "Attempted To Contact" If Appropriate
Prescreen Candidate
  • Move To "Pre-Screen Qualified"
  • Move To "Disqualified By GH", or "Unqualified" if not qualified for position.
Submit To Client
  • If done through client submission tab status will automatically change to "Submitted To Client"
  • If interview is setup change to "Interview Scheduled". This will change automatically if done through Interview log.
  • Move To "Approved By Client" If Approved
  • Move To "Rejected By Client" If Rejected
*note- If client uses the candidate review form the candidate status will automatically be moved to Accepted or Rejected and you will recieve an e-mail notification of the decision along with the client's feedback.
Prepare For Temp Assignment
  • Move To "Temp Assigned- Ready For Onboard"
*note- Follow instructions for creating an onboarding record and temp assignment
Complete Temp Assignment
  • Move To "Temp Placed-Onboard Complete"
*note- Move only after a fully complete and onboard record and temp assignment record is completed
End Temp Assignment
  • First Change "Temp Assignment" record's status tied to candidate record
  • Then change the candidate records status back to an appropriate status such as "Pre-Screen Qualified" or "disqualified" if we do not want to re-use that candidate at a future date.
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