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Completing A Temp Assignment

A Temp Assignment & Onboarding Record Are Separate Records That Are Tied To Your Candidate Record. The Onboarding Record Is Used To Track A Candidates "Start Work" document completion. A Temp Assignment Record Is Used To Track Any Particular Site Assignment That Candidate Is Deployed To.

  • There Are 2 Steps To Preparing a Candidate For A Temp Assignment

1)  An "Onboarding Record" must be created for the candidate. A record of any prior onboarding completions is logged so that employees can be re-used at different sites without the need for them to complete a new onboarding process if appropriate.

Click On The Onboarding Docs Button On The Related List Of The Candidate Record. You can view previously started onboard records and also create a new onboarding record. An Onboarding Record should be created before a Temp Assignment record is created.
To Create A New Record You Only Need To Make Sure The Employee Name Is Entered. The Onboard Status Will Default To "Missing Documents". After Creation You Can Use This Record To Track What Items Have Been Completed, Attach Different Record Types, & Create An Online Application For The Candidate To Digitally Complete.
The onboarding record will now show within the candidate record. There is no need to create multiple onboarding records if a record has already been established unless the candidate comes back around and those onboarding documents are obsolete.

2)  A "Temp Assignment" record must be created for any site that the candidate is being assigned to. This is particularly important as this is the most detailed overview we will have of a given sites active and terminated placements.

Click On The "Temp Assignments" Button On The Related List Of The Candidate Record. You can view previously started/completed temp assignments and also create a new temp assignment record. A temp assignment record should be created after an Onboarding record has been created and an anticipated start date has been established.
To Create A New Record you will need to lookup the candidates onboard record, enter the client site they are being assigned to, and enter an anticipated start date. The Job Associated field is not mandatory but encouraged as this will tie the temp assignment to the job opening that you are recruiting for.
The temp assignment record will now show within the candidate record. If in the future the candidate is assigned to another site you can create a new record to chronical the candidate's site assignment history.
Use the temp assignment status to track where the candidate is within the assignment process and set as "Active @ Site- Onboard Complete" once employee has been fully onboarded and they are actively working at the site. 
A confirmed start date is locked at the recruiter level. Only the anticipated start date is entered at the recruiter level. Our payroll department is tasked with entering this data accurately after confirming these dates.
  • changing status on the candidate level
Once a candidate has a "Temp Assignment" Record That Is In A Completed Status and an 'Onboard Record" that is completed. Change the status of the candidate record to keep an accurate record of your recruiting efforts against a job opening.
This will enable you to accurately track the candidates status in the hiring pipeline of the job opening.
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