Construction Staffing

From Carpenters to Superintendants, Great Hire Has A Vast Network In The Construction Staffing Space That Can Alleviate Your Hiring Challenges

Construction Temp Agency Services At A Fair Markup

Great Hire is a leader in providing construction companies with qualified candidates that meet the skill sets needed in an industry that is well complimented by skilled trades staffing. We can provide both temporary staffing and direct hire recruitment services to suit your specific staffing needs. Full service at a fair markup. Exactly what you need to improve your bottom line!

The Construction Staffing Process

You contact us regarding a construction position(s) you need filled.

Our construction management recruiters  search our active construction candidate database or contact passive construction candidates that meet your criteria.

We pre-screen temporary labor construction candidates to make sure they are qualified for the position prior to submitting them to you.

You interview our construction candidates until you've found the perfect match.

If the construction candidate was a Direct Hire the employee will be placed on your payroll immediately and Great Hire will collect a 1 time placement fee. If the candidate is a Temp or Contract To Hire the employee will be placed on Great Hire’s payroll and you will receive an invoice for their pay plus an additional mark up.

Construction Staffing In Los Angeles

Great Hire primarily focuses on staffing the Los Angeles Metropolitan area but provides Direct Hire Recruitment services nationwide.

Having a solid local pool of candidates is paramount to successfully staffing the construction industry with skilled tradesmen. In a tight labor market, access to the passive candidate pool within different demographics is what sets us apart from other staffing agencies.

Safety Is Our First Priority

A recent report showed that injuries can occur at a rate of 3 to 1 with an agency construction worker vs a permanent employee. This is all due to poor management by the staffing agency and a lack of proper safety training. Negating the benefits of using a contingent workforce all together.

At Great Hire we use processes and procedures to ensure our employees are trained and monitored. We can even add value to your in house safety training procedures. We're fully covered by an A rated workers compensation carrier and adhere to all OSHA standards.

Be weary of staffing agencies offering abnormally low mark up rates. Often times safety is the first place that they skim on services and exposes your company to liability as the primary employer.

Construction Staffing Tailored To Suit

At Great Hire, we understand that all of our client companies have unique staffing needs and require unique staffing solutions to accommodate them. We are proud to be the premier provider of temporary employees for construction labor (both skilled and unskilled). Within the construction industry , Great Hire offers consistently flexible services and will provide any combination of services below that best satisfy your situation.

on demand temporary labor

We have many customers who have temporary service needs and may only need staff for a limited time period. At Great Hire, our flexibility means we can fill short-term needs at a moment’s notice.

Temporary Service Advantages include:

  • Covering employee absence

  • Filling large orders or staffing an extra event

  • Helping you control overtime costs and payroll expenses

  • Allowing management to evaluate the need for additional staff

  • Reducing the workload to your human resources department

  • Hiring during peak or seasonal times


Our Temp-To-Hire solution allows a company to immediately fulfill its staffing needs, while giving the additional benefit and flexibility of trying out a new staff member. Because of our role as a temp-to-hire agency, there is no additional cost to you or to the temporary employee should you choose to hire any of our temporary workers once it has passed a predetermined number of hours.

Temp-to-Hire helps client companies:

  • Want to assess whether they need to create an additional position

  • Try out a worker on an extended basis before bringing them on

  • Retain flexibility in their staffing options and without being held to a decision up front

  • Save on payroll, hiring and other employee-related expenses

direct placement

When you are looking for a more permanent staffing solution, Great Hire will gladly take care of the details involved in hiring a new employee. We understand that some businesses may not have the resources or HR staff to post job listings, collect applications and interview potential candidates. All of those time-consuming and costly activities are a part of what we do here at Great Hire every day. With our Direct Hire program, you let us worry about the details so you can worry about what really matters—running your business!

Direct placement can benefit client companies who:

  • Have limited human resource departments to do the company’s hiring

  • Do not wish to invest the time and money required by the hiring process

  • Want experienced staffing professionals to help make hiring decisions

" Cynthia & Jennifer have been an amazing team to work with. They go above and beyond to dig deep and find us the right people for the jobs that we have strict deadlines on. "

 Jim G. | President - Waterproofing Company

Construction Superintendent Staffing

Create Estimates
Develop Project Management Techniques
Hire & Assign Constructin Work
Maintain Daily Site Log
Maintain Build Out Schedule

Construction Crew Staffing

Unload & Load Construction Material
Erect Concrete Forms & Scaffolding
Mix & Pour Concrete & Asphalt
Operate Pneumatic Hammers & Tampers
Assist In Demolition
Staffing The Construction Industry With Qualified Professionals
General Engineering Contractor
General Building Contractor
Specialty Contractors

Leveraging a Staffing Agency to scale your construction crew up or down has been a trick of the trade for fortune 500 companies for decades

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