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Great Hire is a Staffing Agency in Ontario California serving  Riverside & San Bernardino Counties. We provide Staffing Agency services for all industries from Industrial & Manufacturing to Accounting & Clerical Companies.
We can provide from 1-500 members to your labor force on demand and look forward to showing you the Great Hire difference.
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Why Great Hire

Great Hire Is A Top Tier Ontario Staffing Agency Serving Riverside & San Bernardino

There are hundreds of Staffing Agencies in Ontario CA. How do you pick the best one to service the needs of your company?

1. Make sure you do your due diligence. There is no barrier to entry into the staffing agency business and there are plenty of bad actors out there. Ask for references and see if they are known for switching names often or frequently pay their employees late. It's usually a sign that something is off.

2. Verify that they have a valid workers compensation certificate with approval to provide employees at your site address. Verify this certificate with this insurer. It can be a common practice for some unscrupulous staffing agencies to mis-report to their carrier exposing your company to liability.

3. Feel comfortable with the account representative's knowledge of the industry. Like we mentioned before there is no barrier of entry into the staffing business and an inexperienced account rep may make promises that can't be delivered as it relates to a contingent workforce plan.

Great Hire is an Ontario staffing agency with an excellent reputation for providing quality staffing services on a consistent basis year after year. We blend technology with personal service that not only boosts the morale of our candidates, but allows our clients to run more efficiently and have an overall higher level customer experience.

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contingent Ontario Staffing Agency

In this climate it is essential that all Inland Empire business’s run at maximum efficiency to keep up with the intense competition bred from a new economy. We believe that temp employee scale-ability is one of the most important keys to achieving balance within your company or division. We’re here to help you manage the issues that arise when dealing with capacity constraints and the pressure of employee retention in both growth and contracting phases.


Flexible staffing solutions and a strong pool of qualified candidates across a wealth of industries is what sets us apart from other Staffing Agencies in Ontario. We look forward to investing in your company’s future and are committed to fulfilling all of your staffing agency needs efficiently.

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personal attention

We’ll make sure you are assigned to a personal account manager with experience in your industry that has the time to establish a relationship with your company. Relationship is the key focus for us and what allows us to truly find an ideal candidate for any position you are looking to fill. From the Light Industrial Employee to the High Level Executive we are intent on making the right fit.


We know that in any company large or small all positions are imperative in day to day operations and we make sure that our pool of potential associates are top of the line. Our Staffing Agency in Ontario CA has deep local knowledge of the unique demographic that makes up our local employee pool.

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A Staffing Agency in ONTARIO that keeps it simple

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We don’t rely heavily on complicated employee model and cost calculators to attempt to automate the fulfillment of your staffing needs. Our approach with our potential hires and employers is a simple straight forward method of due diligence and interview analysis that compliments the temp staffing process.


We have developed a simple system that focuses heavily on assessing employee accountability while keeping the process minimal on your end. A Staffing Agency in Ontario that moves towards the ultimate goal of finding you a Great Hire!

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Your business can't function properly without the help and support of additional administrative and clerical staff. Whether you're in need of temporary labor, contract work or departmental support. As a staffing agency in Ontario CA we staff for a number of administrative and clerical positions.



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