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Technology Staffing

A high demand industry calls for a highly responsive agency. Great Hire is a top tier Technology Staffing Agency.

Great Hire Knows Tech Staffing Like A Programmer Knows Code

There is no more competitive a space when it comes to retaining top talent than the technology and I.T. industry. There is also no shortage of temp agencies and recruiters claiming to be able to fill those positions for you. At Great Hire, we don't burden our team with unreachable incremental goals that sacrifice quality for quantity at your expense. We focus on providing quality candidates that fit your technology role's requirements. Not by flooding your inbox with resumes off of job boards. 

Listening is our most valued policy. Our tech staffing team is trained to get feedback and use it to refine our search efforts. Saving time, and ultimately working towards providing you a hirable candidate.

Prescreen IT Candidates | Great Hire Technology Staffing
Technology Staffing | Technology Recruitment | Technology Jobs
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You need an I.T. position(s) filled so you contact us to help

We pre-screen our I.T. employees to make sure they are qualified for the position prior to submitting them to you.

If the Technology candidate was a Direct Hire the employee will be placed on your payroll immediately and Great Hire will collect a 1 time placement fee. If the candidate is a Temp or Contract To Hire the employee will remain on Great Hire’s payroll and you will receive an invoice for our services.

I.T. Staffing Agency | I.T. Temp Agency | I.T. Jobs

We scour our internal and external databases to find matches for your Technology positions.

Technology Candidate Interview | Technology Contract To Hire

You interview our Technology employees or we can send them directly to your site to report depending on your preference.

A Tech Staffing Firm That Finds Talent Fast

Great Hire finds both active and passive technology talents and places them in the talent pool. An active talent is ready to take up the job immediately and the Great Hire then ‘actively’ seeks the individual. At the same time, there are people who are currently employed but may be looking out for better opportunities. These passive talents are also looked at through online resumes and an internal database of tech/I.T. job candidates that has been cultivated for year. Using an I.T. Staffing Agency can save your company both time and money.

A Technology Staffing Firm That Finds Talent Fast | Great Hire Los Angeles

Tech & I.T. Market Knowledge

At Great Hire we have our finger on the pulse of your specialist markets, and can give your hiring team insight in to what is happening. As a technology staffing firm we know the available talent, where they are and how to reach out to them, salary rates, career expectations, available skill-sets and current hiring complexities. If other businesses are struggling to find the same people as you they should be able to advise on alternative solutions. We act as partners and collaborators, and are your eyes and ears in the technology hiring market

I.T. Staffing Agency | Orange County | Quality Tech Candidates

Using A Tech Staffing Firm Can Lower New Employee Overhead

The vetting process for finding a candidate is tedious – and costly. Investopedia estimates companies, by the time a full-time employee is hired and fully trained and performing, invest anywhere from 1.5 times to 3.5 times the employees’ salary. These costs include benefit start-up costs, training, on-boarding and ramp up to an employee being full-responsibilities ready. The Investopedia article titled ‘The Cost Of Hiring A New Employee’ goes on to mention the hefty price tag of actually figuring out whether that employee is a good fit after being hired. Great Hire Staffing does this vetting for you. When it is a temporary employee or a contractor, the costs of these initial hire growing pains like background and criminal checks are absorbed by the firm itself as well as the benefits and sometimes training. And if the hire doesn’t fit, firms guarantee a replacement – insuring your company will find the right candidate.

Technology Staffing Can Lower Employee Overhead | Great Hire I.T. Staffing
IT Staffing Firm | IT Recruiting |  Technology Headhunters

"They don't forward me every common resume that I can get off of Indeed or Dice. They search for the passive candidates that we just don't have the resources to get to on our own. We love Great Hire!"

 Sherry s. | hiring manager- innovis

Software Engineer Staffing | Software Engineer Recruiting

Technology Staffing | Software Engineers

Execute Full Lifecycle Software Development
Program Well Designed, Testable, Efficient Code
Produce Specifications & Determine Feasability
Strong Analytical Skills
Develop Packaged Computer Applications
Network Engineer Staffing | Network Engineer Recruiting | Great Hire Network Engineer Staffing

IT Staffing | Network Engineers

Establish Networking Environments
Maximize Network Performance
Secure Network Systems
Accomplish Information Systems
Report Network Operation Status
Technology Candidates With The Necessary Education Requirements
Computer Science Degrees
MIS Degrees
Computer Engineering Degrees
Game Development Degrees
Software Engineering Degrees
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Our Technology Staffing Services Can Compliment Your Existing HR Hiring Efforts

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