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Hospitality | Large Event Staffing

Staffing large and live events with the skilled labor support that you need

to power your convention, concert, and hospitality venues.

Social gatherings are the heart of human interation


When it comes to large events it takes a coordinated effort and a lot of people power in a short amount of time to get the job done and make the venue a success. Great Hire can provide on-demand skilled labor forces to pick up the slack at conventions, concerts, sporting venues, festivals, and any other hospitality engagement.

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You contact us regarding a Health Care position(s) you need filled.

We pre-screen Hospitality staff to make sure they are qualified for the position prior to submitting them to you.

If the Hospitality candidate was a Direct Hire the employee will be placed on your payroll immediately and Great Hire will collect a 1 time placement fee. If the candidate is a Temp or Contract To Hire the employee is under Great Hire’s employ and you will receive an invoice for our services.

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We search our active Health Hospitality employee roster or contact passive  candidates that meet your criteria.

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You review our Hospitality staff or we can work on a direct send basis.

Workforce Flexibility

Technology As A Staffing Tool

The staffing space is in a constant state of change. In order to find the best possible candidates, you need a nimble and innovative staffing partner. When working with Great Hire, you can rest assured the best tools and techniques are used to provide the people and results you need. We leave no stone unturned when seeking out premium candidates, and use the best of today’s technology along the way.

This includes custom applicant tracking systems and innovative web marketing tools that are proprietary to Great Hire.

Hospitality industry clients are turning to contingent workforces in a booming economy where events are being booked at a rate not seen before. Handling the demands of the labor needed to make the engine of live events run makes turning to a partner that can provide on-demand staffing solutions an integral part in a succesful hospitality or event operation.

Whether it is a temporary job lasting a few months or several years—or a permanent job placement—Great Hire can supplement your workforces to meet your changing needs.

Event Staffing Can Reduce Your Liability

When you engage the services of a hospitality staffing firm such as Great Hire, assignees are not your employees. Therefore, you have no liability for their workers comp, professional/general liability, payroll taxes and unemployment claims. Great Hire handles everything from A-Z.

Using A Hospitality Temp Agency Can Be Cost Effective

Though you will pay a service fee or hourly mark up to a staffing/recruiting firm, keep in mind that Great Hire is paying all of the workers comp, professional/general liability insurance, state and federal payroll taxes. Generally this adds up to about 16% of what Great Hire pays the hospitality employee. So if we're paying someone $15/hour we are paying out $2.40 on top of that to cover the above mentioned expenses associated with employing that person. The leftover amount between the pay rate and client bill rate is where the hospitality temp agency makes as profit.

Contingent Venue Workforces Allow Flexibility

When you need a temporary venue employee or frankly any venue employee, there is a lot of expense and time incurred to find the qualified and best candidate for your job. When you only need someone for a few weeks or months, why do this in house when it can be outsourced to a venue staffing agency that specializes in your type of position and therefore already has the recruitment advertising dollars spent and qualified employees lined up? You are able to use Great Hire's employee as much or little as you need and can discontinue their assignment once your work is complete.

Live Event Expertise Is An Invaluable Asset

Great Hire is a staffing agency and recruitment firm that specializes in the hospitality and event field. By working with a staffing agency or recruiter that has a specialty for your type of position, you will immediately access the exact talent pool you are trying to reach, as well as upping your chances of getting the best possible candidate. The time a specialized hospitality agency or recruiter will take to fill your position will also be significantly less since we only work with candidates with specific skills sets.

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" Having a contingent workforce is critical in our industry. Great Hire is always there to help when we need them"

 Dave | Operations Manager- Classic

Event Professionals With The Right Qualifications
General Labor & Support
Lighting Engineers
Hospitality Professionals
Setup & Takedown Support 
Sound & Tech Support
Delivery & Rig Storage Support
Project Manager & Directors

Our Hospitality Staffing division can help you with all of your event labor needs. 

Or Send Us A Quick Note & An Account Manager Will Reach Out To You Immediately

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