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Legal Staffing

We Provide High Quality Legal Staffing Services For Law Firms On A Temporary Or Direct Hire Contingency Basis

Legal Staffing With Personal, Specialized Attention

In a high pressure and deadline sensitive field such as legal you need a staffing agency that can provide candidates that are up to the challenge and qualified to meet those demands. Sending a warm body just won't due when the stakes are as high as they are in the legal industry. 

Great Hire can provide legal staffing and legal temp agency services for your firm. Our legal staffing and recruiting division has an ever growing pool of candidates to select from and can even provide stand in attorneys in most states. We understand that what you do best is practice law, and make sure you're able to concentrate on that versus worrying about the tedious candidate screening process that can take up your valuable time. We'd love to show you how we can be of value to your firm.

Legal Temp Agency | Orange County | Low Cost

No Stone Unturned When It Comes To Recruiting For Your Firm

Our recruiters are able to quickly and proficiently recruit and move associates, partners, and entire practice groups for Los Ageneles lawyer jobs because we understand our clients’ needs; we discretely approach attorneys who match those needs; and we manage the entire search process with the utmost professionalism. We maintain respected relationships with every Am Law 100 firm and extensive contacts with California lawyers at leading regional and local firms.

Our knowledgeable attorney recruiters understand both local dynamics and global trends. Our recruiters are committed to delivering transcendent talent for your California legal jobs—with efficiency, insight, and discretion. We understand that the legal recruitment arena requires both skilled search and insightful knowledge. Our goal is to consistently provide our clients with high-quality candidates and respond expeditiously to their specific requests or needs, filling their jobs with top talent.

Los Angeles Lawyer | Great Hire | Law Firm Recruiter
Lawyer Jobs | California | Great Hire Staffing

Scale Up Or Down Based On Your Law Firm's Staffing Needs

A mix of core staff and interim professionals provides law firms with the flexibility to add or reduce staff as needed, at less cost than a workforce comprised entirely of full-time employees. This strategy also makes it less likely that law firms will make the mistake of over-hiring in response to a sudden upturn in workloads, only to have to reduce headcount later if business conditions or priorities change significantly.

Many legal projects and cases require additional personnel for brief periods of intensive work but may not justify hiring full-time employees. Specialized project teams can help law firms address short-term initiatives related to document reviews, litigation support and eDiscovery initiatives.

 When a firm does need to hire full-time professionals, one way to identify them and assess their skills before extending an offer is through a temporary-to-hire arrangement. Having the opportunity to work with legal professionals and evaluate their qualifications and fit with the corporate culture before hiring them full time typically improves hiring success and may reduce recruiting costs.

As law firms face continued pressure to deliver quality legal services while offering more transparent and flexible legal fees, the reliance on flexible staffing is likely to be a trend with staying power. This staffing approach allows law firms to continue to deliver on expectations in a way that benefits their businesses and their clients.

Temp Staffing | Lawyers | Attorneys

" In an environment that requires a constantly fluctuating workload being able to scale up and down on demand is a necessity, not a luxury. What I like about Great Hire is that they seem to care about finding people that are a good fit for our firm versus constantly flooding us with a high volume of resumes. It saves us a lot of time doing what we consider to be a recruiter's job.  Destiny C. | Office Manager -L.A. Law Firm

Law Clerks


Legal Assistants

Legal Secretaries



Administrative Personnel

Marketing Directors

Trial Consultants


Compliance Managers

Property Specialists

Legal Billing Specialists


Policy Administration

"Of Counsel" Lawyers


Legal Analysts

Court Messenger

Contract Analysts

Document Coders

Accounting Staffing Agency | Los Angeles | Great Hire Inc.

Legal Records Manager

Court Reporters

Legal Job Candidate Search | Irvine | Orange County
Prescreen Law Firm Job Candidates | Los Angeles Staffing Agency
Contact Us For Open Law Positions | Great Hire Legal Staffing
Legal Direct Hire & Contract Staffing | Low Markup Rates
Interviewing Law Firm Candidates | Great Hire Staffing

You contact us regarding a position(s) you need filled.

We search our active candidate database or contact passive candidates that meet your criteria.

We prescreen our employees to make sure they are qualified for the position prior to submitting them to you.

You review our employees until you've found the perfect match.

If the candidate was a Direct Hire the employee will be placed on your payroll immediately and Great Hire will collect a 1 time placement fee. If the candidate is a Temp or Contract To Hire the employee will remain on Great Hire’s payroll and you will receive an invoice for our services.

Legal Staffing Agencies | Los Angeles | Attorney Staffing
Great Hire Has A Large Network Of Qualified Legal Professionals
Juris Doctor
Master Of Laws
Doctor Of Juridicial Science
Paralegal Certificate
Legal Staffing | Legal Temp Agency | Legal Recruiters

Attorney Staffing

Advise Clients Transactionally
Interpret Laws, Rules, & Regs
Analyze Probable Outcomes
Present & Summarize Cases
Gather Evidence
Paralegal Staffing | Paralegal Temp Agency | Paralegal Recruiters

Legal Admin Staffing

Investigate Facts
Write Reports
Draft Correspondence
Get Affidavits
File Exhibits, Briefs, & Appeals

Outsourcing your Legal Staffing and Recruitment needs makes sense financially and logistically

Have us show you the long term benefits
and see how we can help your company with it's hiring workflow

Or Send Us A Quick Note & An Account Manager Will Reach Out To You Immediately

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