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How To Find Good Job Candidates | Recruiting | Staffing Agency

How To Find Good Job Candidates

A Guide To Creative Ways To Recruit Employees

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One of the most daunting tasks any company has is to find employees and expand their team. But, as you probably know, a good employee is hard to find. So, where do you go to search for excellent employees? Let's take a look at 10 of the best employee recruitment strategies.


See exactly what positions job seekers are looking for

You want to make sure your postings match what job seekers are looking for. So why not check exactly what those are? With Indeed’s Job Title Generator you can check out job seeker interest over time and compare it directly with the number of job postings over time. You might be surprised: often, the best job title isn’t the one with the most postings, but the one most job seekers are looking for.


Incentivize your current employees to find your next new hire

A great tip for finding great employees is simply to motivate your current employees to do it for you. A bonus of some kind or a cash award for every prospect recommended who is then hired and lasts a significant amount of time, say a year or six months, often works great. Your current employees know what it takes to do the job. They have a vested interest in bringing in people who will make the workload lighter, not heavier.


Look beyond your location for more options

Break down geographic barriers! Technology lets us connect with people around the world to communicate and collaborate—working with employees is no different. There’s no reason a copywriter, for instance, needs to be physically located in your community. Your potential labor market will grow exponentially if you look beyond geographic limitations.


Look for mutual connections on Linkedin & Facebook

Go to your personal network to find good employees. Friends, colleagues and former colleagues know you well and they know to recommend the right type of candidate who would be a good fit with your firm. Also use LinkedIn or Facebook if you are interviewing a candidate you don’t know to see if there are any mutual connections I can ask.

To reach and engage elite talent in today’s highly competitive landscape, we need to inhabit the same places that our target audiences spend time.  For example, if you’re looking for developers, go onto Stack Overflow to see who has the best ratings because they are typically are the best out there. If you hang out where the talent you’re looking for hangs out, such as user groups, commenting on popular blogs and forums, it will help communicate with your target audience because you will use their language and provide them with authentic value.

Be visible where your future employees spend time


Job ads won’t reach passive candidates, but everyone is on Facebook these days. Use Facebook targeting features to advertise in the feeds of people who match the skills, region and even hobbies you want.

Use Facebook to target passive candidates



Go Old School

Sometimes the best way to hire an employee is not in funneling hundreds (and thousands!) of dollars into job boards and recruiters. Some of the most old school methods still work. Referrals remain a great way to attain a hire. Incentivizing current employees with a cash bonus or other reward for referring a candidate is a great way to build out a team of employees who work well together!

Check local chapters and organizations related to your unfilled position

There are associations and organizations related to every type of field out there. Look for local chapters in your area and get involved in their events and meetings. If an association has accreditations or a certification process then you know you can find potential employees with the skillset needed to perform a certain level of the job. Plus potential candidates tend to be current with the skills and aptitudes required for their field.


Go grassroots to find good job candidates

Big job boards don’t work well for small businesses. Instead, try a grassroots recruiting campaign. It’s easy to do and best of all it’s free. Simply create recruiting flyers and post the in your community. You can even target your campaign. For example, if you’re hiring hotel housekeepers, try posting flyers at laundromats, day care centers, libraries, and community centers. The key to success for small business grassroots recruiting is to have an easy way for people to apply to the job on their mobile device.

Use a recruiting agency



Many recruiting agencies only receive a commission or a part of the hourly wage if they place someone with your business. Thus, the recruiter is motivated to place a person, and quickly, in order for their own business model to work. This also saves you the time of sifting through resumes and holding the initial phone screen, depending on your arrangement with the recruiter or agency. Great Hire provides recruiting services Nationwide.

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