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Construction Recruiting

In a cyclical industry such as Construction demand can fluctuate rapidly and deadlines won't allow for a key role to go un-filled for long. Our Construction Recruiting division knows the in's and out's of the industry and has forged relationships with a solid pool of candidates that can strengthen your team.

We search active & passive construction candidates

Construction Recruiters | Recruiting | Recruitment

Construction Recruiting is a dynamic process. Candidates can be on a limited project without knowing that their next great opportunity is waiting for them. We use an outreach recruiting method that taps not only the active construction candidate market but the passive candidate market as well. Often times yielding a higher qualified candidate pool for your open job.

Construction Job Requisition | Construction Recruitng | Great Hire

You send us your construction job requisition

Construction Candidate Search | Construction Recruiting Company | CA

We search and pre-screen ideal  construction candidates based on your requisition

Candidate Interview | Construction Recruitment

We present ideal fit construction candidates to you and coordinate phone, video, and in person interviews

How does a tech recruiter get paid?

Once you've found the ideal candidate an offer letter is presented and ideally an acceptance and start date is forthcoming.


Sr. Project Manager

Fire Safety Co. | Tampa FL

Tell Us a Bit About Your Job Req. We'll reach out to you immediately
Recruiters For Construction | California | Great Hire Inc.

Construction Superintendent Recruiting

Create Estimates
Develop Project Management Techniques
Hire & Assign Constructin Work
Maintain Daily Site Log
Maintain Build Out Schedule
Construction Management Recruiters | Great Hire Recruit Finds The Right People

Construction Crew Recruiting

Unload & Load Construction Material
Erect Concrete Forms & Scaffolding
Mix & Pour Concrete & Asphalt
Operate Pneumatic Hammers & Tampers
Assist In Demolition

Construction Recruiting Services

In an extremely competetive market you need a recruiting team that can source and fill specialized positions quickly and efficiently.

  • Vast Pool Of construction related Candidates
  • Full Service Recruiting & headhunting
  • Competetive aquisition fee
  • Contingent Fee | If we don't deliver you don't pay
Great Hire Construction Recruiting

We Can Have A Lead Recruiter Reach Out To You To Discuss Your Requisition & Start Recruiting  Immediately

You Have Construction Positions To Fill | We Can Help

It's a tight labor market and it's taking more resources than ever to succesfully fill construction positions that are critical to expansion as well

as your normal day to day operations. Great Hire has the skill and knowledge to seek out and nurture the most sought after

candidates to fill your key roles.

Why Is Great Hire The Best Choice For Your Recruiting Needs?

Flexible Pricing 

How many times have you been contacted by a recruiter only to be told they only work on a fixed percentage of 20% of the candidates annual salary?

At Great Hire we have the flexibility to consider all aspects of the hire ahead of us and can cater a custom pricing solution that is appropriate for the position, industry, and volume of hiring needed.

We’ll make sure you are assigned to a recruiter with an established pool of construction candidates. This isn't limited to your traditional Skilled Labor or Superintendent positions. This can extend to sales managers, product managers, mid-level managment, and project managers/directors.


Being familiar with the qualifications necessary for your position is key to sending you qualified candidates and minimizing the amount of time you're spending filling these roles.

Construction Recruiters Near Me | Recruiting For The Construction Industry

We Keep It Simple

We don’t rely heavily on complicated employee model and cost calculators to attempt to automate the fulfillment of your recruiting needs. 


We have developed a simple system that focuses heavily on assessing employee accountability and company culture suitability while keeping the process minimal on your end. 

An Increased Pool Of Construction Candidates | Active & Passive

Not all candidates are actively searching job boards. Some don't even realize there are better opportunities until you bring it to their attention. Great Hire searches both active and passive construction candidates through our own internal database, job boards, and through our recruiting outreach program. 

We Help Minimize Capacity Constraints On Growing Companies

 Hiring construction employees comes with tight deadlines. Employee retention is a moving target and the need for qualified staff is extremely important. 


Our construction recruitment team continuously nurtures a pool of vetted candidates within the their respective expertise and are ready to present them upon demand or provide a custom solution that better suits your specific needs.

Executive Candidates With The Experience You Need

On Your Team

  • Project Coordinator

  • Project Manager

  • Project Engineer

  • Foreman

  • Superintendent

  • Inspector

  • Operations Manager

  • Strategist

  • Skilled Tradesmen

  • Construction Manager

  • Project Executive

  • Construction Laborer

  • Field Technician

  • We've Filled Most All Construction Roles You Can Think Of

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