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Accounting Staffing

Great Hire Is A Staffing Firm That Will Fill Your Temporary & Permanent Accounting Staffing Requirements Quickly & Efficiently

From CPA's To CFO's | Great Hire Knows Financial Staffing

A Temp Agency With Fair Pricing

How many times have you spoken to an accounting staffing agency only to be quoted a mark up similar to what a high risk industrial operation should be? Your business has a lower risk associated with it and as a financial firm you're well aware of the pricing concessions that come with lower risk. We pass that down to you and don't look at desk jobs as a way to increase our profit.

A Vast Network Of Financial Job Candidates

Gone are the days that accounting firms have their pick of hundreds of out of work candidates. The labor pool has tightened and being able to search beyond the generic job boards is a necessity. Great Hire searches both the active and passive employee pool through both public and proprietary databases.

A Tenacious Attitude Towards Employee Sourcing

At Great Hire, finding your accounting firm quality candidates is something we take very seriously. We promote a tenacious attitude towards pitching your company culture and pursuing the candidates that we feel will fit best within that framework. Crunching numbers takes an intense amount of concentration and persistence. We use that same level of intensity to make sure you have a quality pool of accounting candidates to interview and make a part of your team.

Timing Is Everything

A staffing agency can help when you're short an employee due to illness, medical leave, sudden departure or other unexpected circumstances that leave you crunched for time. The firm can also come to your rescue when workflow peaks, whether you've planned for such spikes or not. A good accounting temporary staffing agency can help you find the right professional during month-end closings, annual audits, quarterly financial reporting and tax season.

Today's Orange County & Los Angeles staffing agencies can also help you find an accounting or finance professional with specialized skills that your core team may be lacking. There's an increasing demand for workers in professions requiring a college degree and specialization in certain professions, including accounting and finance. Staffing firms represent specialists and experts you need to operate more efficiently and competitively.

Another benefit of working with an accounting temporary staffing agency is that you can evaluate an interim employee while he or she works and takes time to decide if the person would be a good fit for your 9-to-5 team. After assessing a specialist's or another temporary employee's work and soft skills, you may decide the candidate is the perfect fit the next time a full-time role opens up.

Accounting Staffing | Los Angeles | Great Hire Human Resource Solutions
Accounting Staffing Agency | Los Angeles | Great Hire Inc.

Strategic Workforce Solutions For The Financial Services Sector Hand Tailored For Your Business

Accounting Staffing | Finance Staffing | Great Hire Los Angeles

Cyclical and Seasonal demand is an age old challenge in the accounting and financial arena. Navigating your workforce through  these fluctuations is something that Great Hire as accounting staffing experts can help you manage efficiently and effectively. Personal and attentive, we provide quality candidates and right size your needs up front so as to properly set expectations for all involved in the hiring process. Your client's in the financial services industry demand a level of concentrated service unlike any other. Why should you settle for anything less?

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Our Accounting Candidates Are Qualified To Represent Your Company
Certificate In Accounting
Associate's In Accounting
Bachelors In Accounting
Masters In Accounting
MBA In Accounting

An Efficient Process

An Efficient Financial Services Staffing Agency | Orange County | Low Cost

Whether or not your situation is as dire as the one described above, if you're looking to bring in a temporary worker, you need help fast. But finding the right person on your own can be a difficult and time-consuming process. That's why most companies don't hire temporary professionals directly. Rather, they work through an accounting temporary staffing firm.

Staffing agencies alleviate many of the challenges employers face when looking for temporary workers. For example, a staffing agency like Great Hire Los Angeles will evaluate a potential candidate 's work history, conduct face-to-face interviews, and even vet software skills and accounting knowledge before introducing a potential hire to you.

Plus, who has time for all the red tape involved with bringing an employee on board? Because temporary employees are technically employees of the accounting temporary staffing agency, you don't have to worry about paying invoices, payroll taxes or keeping track of mounds of paperwork. As a staffing agency Great Hire handles all of that for you.

Accounting Jobs | Los Angeles | Temp Staffing

" Great Hire has been an invaluable asset to my accounting team. They don't sugarcoat the fact that there is no substitute for good old fashion human contact when it comes to filling our open positions or providing accounting temps on an as needed basis. They never try and chalk their jobs up to a technology feature. They grind for us when it comes to finding someone that fits into our company culture. In this day and age when alot of our vendors try and take short cuts, Great Hire stands out as one of the few who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to recruiting. I can't tell you how much we value that."  John Hansel- Big 4 Accounting firm

Great Hire provides local personal accounting staffing services at fair markup rates. Offering quick employee deployment and qualified candidates on a Direct Hire and Temp Staffing basis is what allows us to help make your business run more efficiently.

Accounting Temp Agency | Accounting Recruiters | Irvine

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Accountemps | Direct Hire | Irvine

Financial Analyst

Accountant Staffing Los Angeles | Low Cost | Best Staffing

Part-Time CFO

Month End Accounting
Budget Forecasting
Cash Flow Management
Tax Preparation & Filing
Financial Modeling
Fundraising Strategy
Expense Classifications
Budget Variance
M & A Due Diligence
Account Reconciliations
KPI Tracking
Market Sizing & Research
Payroll & Invoicing
5 Year Strategic Plans
Plus Many More

These are just a few examples of the positions we fill in the financial services industry. If it's out there, chances are we've staffed it and can do the same for you.

In a tight labor market outsourcing your Accounting Staffing & Recruitment needs to a reliable agency makes sense financially and practically.

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