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Accounting Recruitment

Great Hire is a provider of credentialed accounting candidates that meet the skill set and qualifications necessary to fill your most critical accounting roles. Our Accounting Recruitment division specializes in searching and placing candidates in high demand accounting roles nationwide.


Our Accounting Search Team Is Professional & Efficent

As a Top Tier Accounting Recruitment Firm, Great Hire recognizes the educational and experience requirements that are essential for each accounting role. Our team has built a nationwide network of qualified candidates and are experts in presenting you candidates that are a solid fit for the role as well as your company culture.

Construction Job Requisition | Construction Recruitng | Great Hire

You send us your accounting job requisition

Construction Candidate Search | Construction Recruiting Company | CA

We search and pre-screen ideal  accounting candidates based on your requisition

Candidate Interview | Construction Recruitment

We present ideal fit accounting candidates to you and coordinate phone, video, and in person interviews

How does a tech recruiter get paid?

Once you've found the ideal candidate an offer letter is presented and ideally an acceptance and start date is forthcoming.


Staff Accountant

Technology Company | Irvine CA

Tell Us a Bit About Your Job Req. We'll reach out to you immediately
Accounting Recruitment | Great Hire Recruiting
Our Accounting Candidates Are Qualified To Represent Your Company
Certificate In Accounting
Associate's In Accounting
Bachelors In Accounting
Masters In Accounting
MBA In Accounting

Accounting Recruiting Services

In an extremely competetive market you need a recruiting team that can source and fill specialized positions quickly and efficiently.

  • Vast Pool Of accounting related Candidates
  • Full Service Recruiting & headhunting
  • Competetive aquisition fee
  • Contingent Fee | If we don't deliver you don't pay

We Can Have A Lead Recruiter Reach Out To You To Discuss Your Requisition & Start Recruiting  Immediately

Great Hire Recruits For All Accounting Positons
Accounting Temp Agency | Accounting Recruiters | Irvine

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Accountemps | Direct Hire | Irvine

Financial Analyst

Accountant Staffing Los Angeles | Low Cost | Best Staffing

CFO/ Controller

Month End Accounting
Budget Forecasting
Cash Flow Management
Tax Preparation & Filing
Financial Modeling
Fundraising Strategy
Expense Classifications
Budget Variance
M & A Due Diligence
Account Reconciliations
KPI Tracking
Market Sizing & Research
Payroll & Invoicing
5 Year Strategic Plans
Plus Many More

These are just a few examples of the positions we fill in the accounting industry. If it's out there, chances are we've come across it and can do the same for you.

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