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Associating A Candidate To A Job Opening

You can associate a candidate to multiple job openings to track that candidates progress within that job opening. Statuses will be set based on that job opening and you can status that candidate separately in each job opening.

  • Associate From The Candidate REcord View

You can associate a candidate to a job opening by clicking on the actions tab within the candidate record.

  • associate one or multiple candidates via candidate list view

Associate one or multiple candidates to a job within the candidate list view in the candidates module.

  • Associate Candidate directly through online apply or resume parsing

As described in the "Create Candidate Record" instruction an applicant will automatically associate to a job if applying directly through our online application or if they are sent through the resume parser with a designated JOBID.

  • Use candidate status to organize the stage of the client within the job opening life cycle

Organizing your candidates after you have associated them will help to prioritize your recruiting efforts. After a candidate is associated it should be determined if that candidate is appropriate to move on and do a pre-screen. By changing the candidate's status you will know who's resume you have looked at and what the next step should be.

Tips & Features
  • Change a candidates status

You can change a candidates status by hovering over the candidate status area within their record or by clicking on the Actions button and editing the record.

  • track your associated candidates in the job opening's pipeline

Different candidate status will fall into categories within your job opening pipeline that can be seen from any Job Opening Record.

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