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Pre-Screening A Candidate

We've added a quick pre-screening section to the candidate record. This should be completed on every qualified candidate as it gives a quick glimpse of our initial conversation with them as well as qualifications that are relevant to their hiring prospects.

  • internal pre-screen of a candidate

Using the pre-screen section in the candidate record allows us to list basic verbal verifications, relevant strengths, and a written narrative of our review of the candidate. This is generally not used for a candidate that we are dis-qualifying. That can be accomplished by simply making a note in the candidate record and changing the candidate's record to a dis-qualified status.

**It is important to list as many relevant strengths as possible and to write a short, comprehensive narrative in the candidate review summary. This information will be passed through in the client submission that is covered in the Client Submission instructions.

  • Use candidate status to organize the stage of the client within the Screening portion of the candidate life cycle
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