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Submitting Candidates To Clients

Submitting candidates to client's through the ATS not only keeps your recruiting efforts organized, but creates a record of your efforts for any job opening that you are working on.

  • Submitting A Candidate Directly from a candidate record

You can submit a candidate to a client through the ATS by clicking on the actions button within the candidate record.  

  • submitting a candidate that is associated to a job within that job's hiring pipeline (preferred method)

Submitting a candidate from the Job Opening's hiring pipeline auto fills the job opening  and client name in the submission. Saving you time and eliminating potential errors.

  • use your own verbiage to send an e-mail submission

You can compose the e-mail that goes to the client and attach a resume to the e-mail. You can either select an attachment from your computer, or you can utilize the attachment category to attach a resume, formatted resume, cover letter, or other attachment already tied to the candidate record. You can also select merge fields to merge data from the candidate's record into the body of the e-mail.

  • Tip- You can generate a formatted resume for the candidate by clicking on the "Edit" button that has 3 dots on it within the candidate record. A formatted resume is one that takes out the candidate data and replaces it with our logo to avoid any potential poaching of candidates.

  • The formatted resume will auto save under the Formatted Resume Category and attach to the candidates record once generated.

  • use a template to include a candidate review form for the client to accept, reject, and provide feedback on the candidate

This is the preferred method of submission as it ideally eliminates the task of logging the client's feedback manually. The client can Approve, Reject, And Provide Feedback on the candidate. You will get an e-mail notifying you of their decision and their feedback will be logged in the notes section.

Client Will Receive An E-mail With The Details From The Pre-Screen, Resume If Selected, And A Link To A Candidate Review Form
You Will Receive An E-mail Notifying You Of The Client's Decision.
Client Can Review And Provide Feedback For The Candidate Submitted
Client Feedback Will Be Recorded In The Notes Section Of The Candidate Record
Your Candidate's Status For That Job Opening Will Automatically Be Updated To "Approved By Client" Or "Rejected By Client"
  • Log an interview

You can log interviews scheduled by clicking on the "Interview" section of the related list within the candidate record. This will also automatically change the candidate's status to "Interview Scheduled".

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