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Using Tasks & To Do's List

Creating tasks as reminders are key in prioritizing your active and future work flow. You can also assign tasks to delegate work to team members that are collaborating your recruiting and daily client management efforts.

  • Creating a task

You can create a task in many places throughout Zoho. The fastest way to associate a task to a candidate or client record is to click on the "To-Dos" button in the related list of the record, or click on the + sign in the right hand corner to add a task from any module within Zoho.

Set your subject as a quick view of the task. Set a due date, associate a candidate or client contact, and set a reminder for yourself if necessary. Use the description for a more detailed reminder for yourself as to what the task at hand is.

  • Use your to-do list as a checklist for action items, follow ups, and task list prioritization

Click on a task and receive a comprehensive view of the contact and task at hand.

Use your task status to track the progress of your task, or mark as completed to remove from your open to-do's list.

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