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Creating A Candidate Record

There are several ways that a candidate record is created. Below are some general instructions on the most common ways to create a record.

  • Create A record from scratch

You can create a new candidate record manually by clicking on either the + sign at the top bar of the candidate module or on the + sign in the far top right corner from within any module.

You can then enter the candidate record manually with the minimum name, phone, and e-mail information.

  • Create A Record Via The Resume Import Button

Create a record by importing a resume through the import button within the candidate module. You can browse for a saved resume and drag/drop into the parser, or you can choose the option to cut/paste resume information that you've received via e-mail or the web.

  • Create A Record Via Direct Job Application

When a job is successfully posted and published in Zoho a link is generated that can be used to have an applicant apply directly to the job in question. The advantage to this is that the applicant will be associated to a job without requiring us to manually associate them to an open job. There are also advanced features that allow us to require specialized assessment questions that accompany any job posting to meet client specific requirements.

  • Create A Record Via Resume Inbox Parsing

When using outside job boards you can setup the job posting title to include parameters that will allow the candidate to associate directly to a job opening upon receiving the e-mailed resume from the outside job board. 

Here is an example of how to post a job to Indeed and have applicants parse and associate directly to a job opening:

       Job Title Description, JOBID:______,Source:_______

Using this job as an example the title would be as follows:

  • FT Receptionist $15/Hr, JOBID:ZR_3_JOB, Source:Indeed

Note* The job title does not have to match the job title in Zoho. This only requires that the Job Id is exact. The other formatting such as commas and labels before the data must be in this exact format. Sources can be changed to match the job board that you are posting on such as Craigslist, Monster, etc.

Tips & Features
  • Use the slide out view for a glimpse of candidate data
  • Text Or E-mail Candidate From Within Candidate Record

Can be done through the Action button or by clicking on the contacts phone or e-mail record data.

Using the action button is preferred as it will allow you to use pre-made templates from our gallery.

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