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Job Openings

A job opening is the cornerstone to filling a position. Creating a good job opening will allow you to collect candidates into the hiring pipeline and manage their progression into a succesful fill.

  • Create A job opening

Click on the + sign and select Job Opening to initiate a new job opening.

Create Job Opening.JPG
  • Complete A Job Opening

You can manually fill in the required fields or create or choose a Job Template to pre-fill some fields including the job description.

Using A Template Or Manual Fill.JPG
  • complete the job description

The job description is the most important field. This is what will be published to various job boards including our web-site and it is also where we will pull from when manually posting to paid job boards such as Ziprecruiter, Indeed, Linkedin, and Craigslist. It is broken up into 3 segments. The body, requirements, and benefits section.

Job Description.JPG
  • Publishing A Job

Publishing a job will push out to our website as well as free job boards such as Glassdoor, Facebook, Jora, Etc. This will not include paid job boards which will need to be posted manually per your supervisors direction. These job boards can be hit or miss, but maximizing the job's exposure is always key and publishing a job should always be completed for each opening. You can publish the job at the time of creation or go back to a saved job and publish by clicking the publish button.

Publish Button.JPG
  • entering job boards specific data

Some job boards have specific fields that are not in Zoho. Complete the short list of fields to the best of your ability. This should not take any longer than a minute or two.

Different Job Boad Fields.JPG
  • job board list and application selection

A list of the job boards will appear and you must select an applied candidate form. Always choose the "candidate application" unless you have setup a custom application for this job. Hit publish and you are finished!

Job Board List & Candidate Application.J
  • use the hiring pipeline for tracking

The hiring pipeline within a job opening helps to visualize the status of candidates within the hiring process. It also allows you to see new candidates and proceed with the screening process.

Hiring Pipeline.JPG
Tips & Features
  • use the sourcing summary to view where your candidates are sourced
Sourcing Summary Button.JPG
  • Update and unpublish to specific boards within the sourcing summary. published job board listings expire after 30 days.
Sourcing Summary View.JPG
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