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Creating & Managing Employee & Client Cases

During the course of a candidate and client life-cycle issues arise that require our attention. Employee and client inquiries that fall outside of our normal workflow should be recorded as a "Case" so that we can properly manage these issues, assign to the appropriate team member and make sure that we are on top of employee and client relationship management issues.

  • Creating A case
1) The first step in creating any case should be to confirm the candidate or client contacts e-mail address and phone number. This creates continuity in our data and makes sure that we have accurate information to contact them and resolve the case. You should immediately pull up the appropriate record, confirm the information, and update if necessary. You can pull up an record quickly by using the global search bar at the top of the screen. If a record does not exist (should not happen often) a record should be created before moving on to creating a case.
2) The next step is to create a case for contact in question. Select "Cases" from the related list of the record in question. Fill out the pertinent information and either resolve the case in real time, or if the case is not related to your job function assign the case to the appropriate department team member. An e-mail will go out notifying that team member that a case had been assigned to them.

** Note - There is no need to enter the contact information as this will automatically merge based on the selected records data that you had previously verified with that contact's record. This will merge upon saving of the case.

3) Manage and resolve your cases within your open cases report within your dashboard view or the reports module.
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