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Staffing Rep Client Status Workflow

This guide will help you to understand the general workflow of moving a client through the different sales stages through status updates in Zoho. You can click through the different training modules at the bottom of the screen.

Create A Client Record
  • Client Status defaults to "Prospect"
  • Move to "New Lead-Upcall" if appropriate
  • Move to "Meeting Held-In Negotiations"       If Appropriate
Send Out For Contract
  • Move To "Contract Out" when awaiting signature
Activate Client
  • Move To "Active Contracted-Staffing" once a signed agreement is in place
Begin Creating Client Requisitions
Pause Or Cancel Client
  • Move To "Paused" if the client is seasonal or pausing our service for any reason
  • Move To "Canceled" if the client has canceled our service for any reason
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