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Creating A Client Record

Creating a client record  AKA a "Company" record is the foundation for all client contacts attached to it. You can create a record with all of the pertinent details of the client and track historical data in the related list of the client record such as job openings, client requisitions, cases, injuries, and temp assignments.

  • Create A new client record

You can create a new client record manually by clicking on either the + sign at the top bar of the client module or on the + sign in the far top right corner from within any module.

You can then enter the candidate record manually with the minimum name, phone, and e-mail information.

A client record can be created with a minimal amount of information that includes the client name and client status. Add other pertinent information as you gather it. The site manager fields are used to designate On-Site or Off-Site managers of the account that would benefit from notifications. Keep in mind site managers are different from "Assigned Recruiters" that are assigned to recruit for specific job openings only.

  • Create A Record Via Direct Job Application
  • Attach Signed Contracts

You can attach signed contracts by navigating to the attachments section within the client record. Categorizing it as a client contract is helpful for record lookup and will differentiate between that and other one-off document attachments. Note: There shouldn't be many other attachments at the client level other than a client contract.

  • create contact records tied to a client

Every client record should have at least one if not multiple contact records attached to it. These will be used for client communication and represent the individuals that we should be reporting to within the company.

  • get a broad overview of all activity surrounding the client through it's related list

The related list ties in a global view of activity within the client record. Click on individual related list items to scroll directly to a list of those records. You can also sort what you would like to see in a snapshot view of those records.

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