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Creating A Client Job Requisition

A Job Requisition creates a defined directive from the client to Great Hire that we can use when creating a job opening and recruiting for that opening. An accurate job requisition is the foundation for a job opening.

  • Create A new client requisition

You can create a new client requisition manually by clicking on either the + sign at the top bar of the client module or on the + sign in the far top right corner from within any module.

You can then enter the requisition details based on a verbal communication with the client, or send them a link to fill out the requisition on their own (preferred).

If filling out manually, fill out all of the fields within the requisition. There should not be any fields left blank as all information is pertinent to any job opening.

  • sending a client a requisition link

You can have the link to a fillable web form sent directly to your client contact just by simply filling out and saving the 1st 4 fields of a requisition record. This will be e-mailed to the client contact you specify and they will be provided a link where they can fill this request out on their own.

Client will be sent an e-mail with directions on how to follow a fillable link to the requisition detail form.

The requisition form is fillable and once submitted will trigger an e-mail the the requisition creator, site manager 1, & site manager 2 notifying them of the completed requisition and subsequent need for a job posting.

  • Use The Client Requisition status tracking

Use the "Requisition Status" to track the stage at which the requisition is in. Once the stage is moved to "Req Reviewed-Approved" by the sales rep an automated e-mail will be sent to any "Site-Managers" associated to the client alerting them that we have a new requisition and a job opening should be launched.

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