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Using Internal Chat & Cliq Mobile App

We have programmed an internal chat feature that allows you to have quick internal messaging capability between you and other team members. It also allows for limited video and audio chat between the parties.

  • Using internal chat

In the far bottom left hand of the Zoho interface there is a chat module that allows for internal chat communication. This is meant to replace Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. and keeps you inside the Zoho module at all times.

Enter the e-mail address of the user you would like to add as a chat contact. It will then send an invitation for them to accept. Now you're connected!

Chat within the popup or use the expand arrow to open the chat in a separate window. Use the bell icon to pause your notifications for uninterrupted work sessions. 

When you receive a new message you will be alerted with a new message icon in your chat area!

  • Download the "Cliq" chat app for iphone and android

The cliq app integrates with your internal chat and allows for message notification and composure when away from your desktop computer. Notifications only show up when your Zoho session on your computer is dormant or closed to avoid multiple unnecessary notifications.

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