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Creating & Managing Injury Records

Injury Records are created when there is a reportable employee injury. These records help with moving the injury through processing and provide a history of employee and client site injuries

  • Creating an Injury record

The preferred method of creating an injury record is from within the employees candidate record or within a client record. You can do this by clicking on the add new button or + sign to the right of the related list module within the client or candidate record. * Injury records should only be created by an injury coordinator. If an injury is called in set up a "Case" and assign it to the injury coordinator responsible for that site.

  • Enter initial injury information

Enter the required fields marked in red. An e-mail will be sent to the designated claims administrator informing them of the injury and will indicate whether which documentation we have at that time.

* note- as of 2/20/18 automated e-mails are disabled until implementation of the system is in place.

  • Use your dashboard view and report for injury management

You can view your active injuries in your dashboard view and pull a quick reporting of injuries in process by client site.

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