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The Value Behind A Recruiter's Cost

Many small businesses are starting to understand the value of working with a recruiter. They know that working with a recruiting office can help them find top talent that will increase productivity and profitability. They know a recruiter can save them time and money by pulling from their extensive pool of qualified applicants. Recruiters can take care of the details of recruiting, hiring, screening, and onboarding new employees. But even with all of this information, many business owners and managers have trouble seeing justifying the cost of these services. If you’re struggling to see the value behind a recruiter’s cost, consider this:

Hiring Vs. Effective Recruiting

Many small and mid-size business owners who have created a team and hired employees may wonder why they should pay someone to do a job they know how to do. But it’s important to remember that there is a clear difference between the hiring process and effective recruiting. Hiring often focuses on filling an empty position with the person who has enough of the qualifications to do the job. Effective recruiting uses time and resources to find top talent, not just people who are good enough. This means the applicants you get are more likely to maximize their ROI and bring value to your company. Sure, you could continue to spend time and money hiring competent people, but if you could pay someone to help bring you the best of the best, why wouldn’t you?

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Time Is Money When Recruiting

It’s no secret that the hiring process takes time. All of the time you spend marketing for an open position, reading resumes, screening applicants, holding interviews, training, and onboarding is time you’re not spending actively making money. As a business owner or manager, you’re always looking for ways to do things more effectively. A recruiter’s job is to take the time to carefully find, recruit, and screen potential employees and bring you only the most qualified. This means when you do host interviews or read through resumes, they’ve already been pre-screened. This means you spend more time marketing, networking, creating, planning, selling, and making money. Hiring a recruiter means paying a fee so that you can use your time more effectively and still recruit top talent.

Another thing to consider is that recruiters post open positions across a variety of online platforms. This in itself can be a full-time job, as it requires tedious data entry, careful editing, uploading, and monitoring. Having someone take care of this part of the hiring process is one of the biggest benefits of hiring a recruiter.

Hidden Talent Found Through Recruiters

A good recruiter will have access to an exclusive network of talent that may not be actively seeking a new job. This means they can connect with top talent and can present an opportunity to consider your offer. Without knowing exactly how to find and approach these passive job seekers, you could spend a lot of time shooting in the dark. Many of these highly qualified workers are not accessible to the typical employer, but a recruiter knows exactly who and where they are. When you pay a recruiter, they can use their experience and expertise, along with their network of talented professionals, to go beyond the typical job seeker and find you the best. This advantage may mean the difference between hiring a competent worker to your team and adding a rockstar to your business.

Final Thought: Is It Worth It To Use A Recruiter?

If you’re still struggling with the idea of hiring a recruiter, consider this final point: How much is it costing you to keep your positions vacant? And how much is it costing you to hire sub-par employees, spend time and money on training and onboarding, only to have them quit or not be a good fit? The cost of turnover and vacancies (not to mention the stress they can cause) can be much higher than the cost of hiring a professional recruiter.

Businesses like construction, hospitality, medical, technology, and accounting are quickly changing the way they build their teams and using a recruiter to help find top talent, save time and money, and make more money. Click here to learn more about how a Los Angeles recruitment agency can help you build a top-performing team.


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