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Key Qualities Of A Good Recruiter

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One of the best decisions you can make for your growing company is to outsource a recruiter. An outside recruiter can take over the daily tasks and responsibilities associated with finding qualified candidates and filling open positions so that you don’t have to. They can use their extensive network of candidates to find the best person for the job, allowing business leaders and teams to focus on other crucial aspects of their job. Keep in mind that just because someone has the label of a recruiter, does not mean they will be able to recruit highly qualified candidates for your job effectively. As you begin your recruiter search, make sure the one that you choose has these six qualities:

A Recruiter That Focuses On Relationship Building

A recruiter should be a people-person. Their entire job is based on communicating with people and building relationships. A recruiter that is friendly, trustworthy, and professional will naturally draw in better and more qualified candidates than one who is pushy or unfriendly. A recruiter that is open and welcoming will be able to connect with candidates right away, and learn quickly whether or not they have the skills required to fill your open positions.

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A Recruiter That Works With Honesty And Integrity

At the end of the day, a recruiter gets paid based on the number of hires they produce. Be wary of recruiting companies that use unethical practices to hire people. You want a recruiter who is honest and works with integrity, and treats both you and potential candidates with respect. If they are trying to fill an opening to get paid, chances are they're not doing a thorough background check or analyzing the qualifications of the candidates they are hiring.

Recruiters That Are Masters Of Time Management

One of the main reasons growing businesses hire an outside recruiter is to save them time. All of the tasks and responsibilities that go into advertising, screening, and hiring a new employee can take away from the focus on everyday aspects of the company. A successful recruiter will know how to manage the tasks required to hire a highly qualified candidate and be able to do it quickly, but not rushed. When it comes to getting new employees hired and working, time is of the essence. You want a recruiter who values both your time and the time of the new-hire.

Recruiters That Are Resilient

Being a recruiter is a tough job. It requires being consistent and relentless. It also comes with it’s fair shares of failures and disappointment. A good recruiter will have the grit and tenacity to bounce back from lost opportunities. Recruiters can spend days and weeks finalizing details to get someone hired, only to have them stop returning phone calls or never show up. This can be incredibly frustrating, but a professional recruiter will be able to work through it and learn from it and move on quickly to the next opportunity.

Recruiters That Are Good Listeners

As you continue your search for a recruiter, pay attention to how they listen when you speak. Do they practice active listening techniques such as eye contact, positive body language, and asking for clarification if they don't understand something? The way that you feel the recruiter is listening to you is the same way a candidate will feel that their recruiter is listening to them. The better a recruiter can listen to a potential candidate, the more clear of an idea they can get about the person they are hiring and ensure that they are a good fit for your company. Part of being a good recruiter is effective communication skills and active listening, both of which will help a recruiter find the perfect fit for your company.

A Recruiter That's Persistent, Not Pushy

The recruitment industry is not for those who are shy or passive or afraid of confrontation. A successful recruiter will know how to walk the line between being persistent and pushy. They will come across as interested and motivated instead of aggressive. It only takes one comment from a recruiter to rub the potential hire the wrong way, so it is important that the recruiter that you choose has a relatively even temperament mixed with a relentless pursuit for results.

Hiring the right recruiter will save you so much time and money in the long run. Really getting to know your outside recruiter will ensure that they share your company's values and interests, and will only hire those they feel are the best fit for your company. Do not just hire any recruiting professional to help you with hiring. Find out if they have experience in your industry. For instance if you're looking to fill an accounting role you'll want an accounting recruiter, a construction role you'll want a construction recruiter, or if you're filling a high level executive role you'll want an executive recruiter. Keep these six traits in mind to find the recruiter that will work best for your company.

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