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3 Reasons Working Exclusively With One Recruiter Is Beneficial

When you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed, your first reaction might be to go into every Los Angeles staffing agency that you find to increase your chances of finding work. And while this sounds like a smart way to extend your reach and expand your network, it could end up doing more harm than good.

Here are a few reasons why it’s better to work with just one recruiter when you’re looking for a job:

Your recruiter will be more motivated to help you

Most recruiters earn money by connecting job seekers with companies looking to hire. If you are working exclusively with one recruiter, they can take their time finding the right position for you based on your skills, experience, and strengths. If they know there are a handful of other recruiters also trying to find work for you, their motivation may decrease because now there is competition over who can find you the right job. They know it's a very real possibility that they will do the work to find you a placement, but if another recruiter beats them to it, they won’t get paid.

When you work exclusively with one recruiter, you give the recruiter the time and space to find the right job for you instead of feeling rushed to put you somewhere to get paid for their time.

Recruiters In Los Angeles Office Interviewing

It’s more professional

If multiple recruiters are sending your resume to the same companies, it’s not going to look good for you. Receiving multiple resumes from multiple recruiters sends the message that you’re desperate or that you don’t necessarily want a job at that company, you just want a job. This doesn’t come across as very intentional or focused, and companies might skip you to find someone interested in working for their particular company.

If your resume only shows up one time, from one recruiter, companies will pay more attention. They may act quicker when they see your resume come across their desk because it feels more authentic and they want to take the next steps toward the interview process.

It’s more manageable to work with one recruiter

If you are working with multiple recruiters, you may end up getting more responses than you’re ready to handle. In a rush to get you placed somewhere, recruiters might send your resume to many different companies hiring for the same role, or could even send you applications for jobs you’re not interested in. This creates more work for you and lengthens the job search process.

When you work with just one recruiter, you have more control over the job search. It’s easier to communicate with one recruiter to make changes to your job search requirements vs. trying to contact 4-5 different recruiters every time you need to make a change.

Working exclusively with one recruiter also allows you to build a professional relationship. Your recruiter can get to know you and what you are looking for, and use this info to find the best placement for you.

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Finding The One

Working with a recruiter is a great way to maximize your job search, but you can’t just trust this process with anyone. As you look for the best recruiters in the area, make sure that they:

  • Offers flexible pricing. Some recruiters require a flat fee based on the salary that you earn. Look for a recruiter that takes position, industry, and volume of hiring into consideration when it comes to pricing. As a job seeker you don’t pay this fee, but you want a recruiter that has a high level of motivation to make you and their client all happy.

  • Have experience in your industry. If you’re looking for a job in the tech industry, you want a recruiter who has connections in the tech industry. This goes for all other industries as well, including accounting, engineering, hospitality, and construction. Look for a recruiter that specializes in the industry and is familiar with the qualifications necessary for your position.

  • Keep it simple. Job hunting is a detailed process, and you need a recruiter who can see the big picture and the small details. Ask about the systems they have in place to ensure candidates are placed in positions that reflect their strengths and experiences.

Whether you’re looking for a temp job or full-time work, a recruiter can use their knowledge and resources to connect you with companies that are hiring. If you’ve never used a Los Angeles staffing agency or a Nationwide Direct Hire Recruiter before, consider contacting Great Hire today.


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