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Keep Organized When Applying Through Multiple Job Boards

Sometimes looking for a job can feel like a full-time job. If you’re seriously and actively looking for new employment, it's advised to submit 2-3 job applications each day, and spend an additional hour brushing up on the skills you’ll need to land a new job.

Here are a few ways you can stay organized when applying for multiple jobs on multiple platforms:

Keep Track Of Where You’ve Applied For Jobs

Before you start your job search, create a spreadsheet or application log that you can easily access while you are applying for jobs. If you’re familiar with Excel, use this tool to create an interactive spreadsheet where you can keep a log of:

  • Jobs you’ve applied for

  • When you applied for them

  • The date you followed up

  • Any response or next steps required to move forward

  • Jobs you want to apply for

  • Interview Dates

  • Company Contact Info

As you move through the job application process, you can update the spreadsheet so you don’t miss any important steps or let specific details fall through the cracks. If you don’t know how to use Excel, you can create a handwritten log that you keep by your computer, or use a template on Microsoft Word to create something a little easier to update.

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Write Down Contact Info + Conversation History For Job Applications

Once you start sending out 2-3 applications a day and applying for jobs across multiple platforms, it can be easy to forget who you talked to and what you talked about. Keep a separate log to keep a record of who you spoke to, what company they were from, and what was discussed. This saves you from repeating yourself every time you talk to a potential employer. It also helps you remember key details of conversations, which shows your potential new employer that you are a good listener and pay attention to details.

Set Up Job Alerts

During a time of high unemployment, it’s a smart idea to set up job alerts on the job search boards that you’re using. Sometimes a job is posted and filled the same day and is awarded to the person who was able to send in a resume first. Job alerts will send you a message or email when a job becomes available that matches your skillset or a specific set of keywords. This will reduce the time you spend scrolling through job postings that don’t interest you.

Don’t Stop Connecting

If you're serious about landing a high-quality job, you can't just sit home all day and submit online resumes. You still have to get out there, meet people, make connections, and put yourself in the spaces where you can find work. While the online job search is a helpful and efficient tool, it shouldn't be your only avenue to search for employment. And don't forget the power of applying for a job in person or asking a company if they are hiring. Connecting with a Los Angeles staffing agency is another great way to quickly find companies that are hiring.

To Sum It All Up

Organization is the key to maximizing your job search. Keeping an updated log of where you've applied, who you've talked to, and your next steps will help you stay on track and reduce sending duplicate applications, following up too many times, or forgetting who you’ve spoken to.

After you send out your two to three online applications for the day, connect with a Los Angeles Staffing agency. They can help connect you with businesses that are hiring in your area and connect you with companies that are looking for what you’re offering.

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