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Top 5 Qualities Of An Honest Staffing Agency

Hiring a staffing agency is a big decision. It requires relinquishing some control to regain freedom and productivity in your business. When you hire an Orange County staffing agency, you're trusting someone else to do meaningful work that directly impacts your business. But the pros of hiring a staffing agency far outweigh the cons, as long as you hire the right one.

If you've been thinking about outsourcing aspects of your business to a staffing agency, look for these five qualities to ensure you find the right one.

They're Relationship Builders

Whether you decide to outsource the hiring process, payroll, or your entire HR department, you want a staffing company that knows how to connect with people. Since their job is to take over critical aspects of your job, you want to feel confident that they will interact with customers, clients, and other employees just as you would. You want a staffing agency that has an extensive network of connections and that focuses on building professional relationships. Pay close attention to how the recruiters make you feel during your first interaction with them. If they listened to you, validated your ideas, and made you feel comfortable, chances are they'll do the same with recruits. If this is not the impression you get, you may want to keep looking.

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They're Flexible

A staffing agency deals with a lot of different people in a lot of various industries. They need to be flexible in their communication styles and approach, adapting to the needs and shifts that come with the different companies they work with. Outsourcing is not a one size fits all business, and if an agency has one formula or one method they use across the board, you may not be getting the personalized service that will really make the difference in your business. Hire an Orange County staffing agency that is flexible and willing to adapt their services to your industry and your needs.

They're Persistent Without Being Pushy

One reason businesses are hesitant to hire a staffing agency is that they are worried that the recruiters will not represent them accurately. They are worried the staffing agency will be too pushy and forward, scaring potential employees away. Coming off as too aggressive could destroy your reputation. While there are agencies like this, many have mastered the art of being persistent without being pushy. They understand that the right candidate is usually not discovered in a single phone call, and are professionally persistent without crossing the line. They follow up when they say they are going to, have the right temperament for the job, and are clear about their expectations and observations.

They're Expert Communicators

A competent staffing agency will not only be able to listen to your needs and expectations but be prepared to relay these clearly to potential hires. They need to be honest, straightforward and able to communicate exactly what they are looking for. Part of being an expert communicator is being able to listen to you and the potential employee. They should be looking for key indicators that an employee would be a good fit for your company, based on the requirements and expectations you've given them. They should be easy to reach and return phone calls promptly.

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They Work With Integrity

Just like any business, many companies work ethically and follow the rules and a handful that do not. As you vet a staffing agency, it is essential to look for signs that they could be lacking in the ethics and integrity department. If you find out that the agency requires candidates to pay for placement services, have been know to edit or change the job description or a candidate's resume, or make candidates feel pressured to make a decision, they might not be the best fit for your company.

Hiring a staffing agency can help you find qualified candidates for every position from entry-level and temporary positions to management. You can also outsource administrative tasks, which will save you time and money. If you've been waiting for a sign to hire a staffing agency, this is it. Just make sure they have these five qualities before committing.

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