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A Staffing Agency's Top 7 Tips For Onboarding Employees

Staffing agencies have onboarding down to a science. It’s their job to connect with people in every stage of their job-seeking journey, from the day they submit their resume to the day they start their first job, and beyond.

Onboarding is the practice of introducing new employees to the responsibilities, expectations, and company culture in a new place of work, and we’ve collected seven tips from one of the leading staffing agencies in Los Angeles to do it right.

Employee Onboarding Checklist | Great Hire Staffing

Start The Onboarding Process Early

Imagine starting a new job and being expected to absorb a new company's culture, expectations, and responsibilities on the first day. Or even in a week. This could be overwhelming, especially if it's on top of learning a new trade or diving right onto a new position. Successful onboarding starts before day one.

Statistically, the time between when a new candidate is accepted and when they start can be risky, since new offers could still be enticing. It’s during this time that new employers should be intentional about expressing their excitement about adding a new hire to their team. This can look like reaching out regularly to answer questions, sending over new hire paperwork, or sending maps of the property, parking instructions for their first day, workplace events to look forward to, and contact information for people they’ll be working closely with. You can do all of this before day one to reduce stress for everyone.

Prioritize Day 1 Details When Onboarding New Employees

First impressions are a big deal, and making a new hire feel welcome is critical in the onboarding process. 22% of turnover happens within the first 45 days of a new job when a new employee doesn’t feel welcomed or valued in their new company. Make sure day one details are in order, everything from making sure the new hire knows where to park, how to get to their work station, and who to go to if they have questions. Introduce them to team members that will not only make them feel welcome but also facilitate proper training.

Train With Purpose

Some people like to “learn as they go” and prefer to just be thrown into the job on day one. While this may work for some, there must be elements of intentional training as well. A training plan will make new hires feel like you’ve put time and effort into welcoming them onto the team, instead of throwing them into the mix and hoping for the best. Spread out the training over a few weeks instead of trying to fit it all in on one day. New hires will retain more information if they’re given little doses at a time along with time to reflect and ask questions.

New Employee Mentor | Great Hire Staffing Agency Ontario

Match New Employees With A Mentor

Making professional connections is key to new employee success. Connect the new hire with a trusted member of the team who is willing to answer questions and provide support. This first workplace relationship can help a new employee feel welcomed and part of the team, and new hires who feel like this are typically more productive and engaged.

Check-In Regularly

Successful Los Angeles staffing agencies don’t just get new hires through the front door. They check in with them on their first day, during their first week, and even months into their new job. One of the best things a staffing agency can do to ensure the proper placement is to check in regularly. These checks can help employers gauge how the new hire is feeling, where they need more support, and how they’re adjusting to their team. If there are any problems or concerns, these regular check-ins will help identify them sooner rather than later.

These check-ins not only help the new hire feel like someone is looking out for them but also provide valuable feedback for the employer. This important feedback can help employers understand the new hire experience and make any necessary changes to their future onboarding processes.

Talk About The Future

Most new hires want to know that they have a future with their new company. They want to know what they’re working for, and what they need to do to advance. An important part of the onboarding process is helping the new hire see their goals and the actions steps needed to reach them. Ask a new hire where they see themselves in two years and come up with a plan together to make that vision a reality. Maybe they want to make more money, maybe they want to manage a team, maybe they want to branch out and start a franchise on their own. Whatever it is, if they can see their next steps at the beginning, they’ll be more focused and engaged from day one.

Ask For Feedback From Newly Onboarded Employees

The best way to improve your onboarding strategies is to ask for honest feedback from those who have experienced them. After a new hire has settled into their position, many Los Angeles staffing agencies will ask for feedback on their services. They will ask specific questions to understand what they did that helped the new hire get acclimated to their new job and what they could have done better. Employers who constantly seek feedback (and are willing to use it) can gain valuable information to help them improve their onboarding processes.

If you’re a job seeker in Los Angeles, you may have considered working at a temp agency in San Bernardino County or Orange County to help you find your next right career. If you’re a small or medium-size business, you may be looking for a way to maximize your time and energy and improve the way you hire and build teams. Either way, working with the area’s leading staffing agencies can change the way you think about onboarding.


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