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Top 6 -Outsourcing To An Ontario Staffing Agency

Ontario is home to a wide variety of industries and professions, ranging from industrial and construction to hospitality and finance. More and more growing Ontario companies are choosing staffing agencies to help them find qualified employees for their businesses. But hiring an Ontario staffing agency that can do the job is no small feet. It requires research and asking plenty of questions to make sure you choose the staffing agency that is right for you. Whether you are just looking to build a backup team of temporary workers to help during times of unexpected demand, or you are looking for highly trained and highly qualified workers with specific expertise, an Ontario staffing agency can help you find your fit. Here are six questions to ask when looking for the best Ontario staffing agency for you.

How secure is the Ontario agency's recruiting team?

Anyone can browse job placement boards and look for candidates looking for work. However, this is not why you hire a staffing agency. You hire a staffing agency because they have a strong team of recruiters that use both traditional and non-traditional methods to find the best fit for your vacancies. A reliable staffing agency will rely on referral programs, their extensive network, and social media to get the word out there that they are looking for candidates. You want to work with an Ontario staffing agency that has a strong team of recruiters with a diverse skill-set. This increases your chances of finding the best candidate for you.

Are they an Ontario Staffing Agency that specialises in your particular industry?

If you are a logistics company, you need to work with a staffing agency that specializes in logistics companies. Same goes for finance, hospitality, warehouse, industrial companies, and construction. If you work in a specialized field, you need a specialized recruiter. Trusting a general recruiting agent to find you a specialized position can usually end up in everyone feeling frustrated. Ask questions about the types of candidates that your recruiter typically looks for. Ask them how they can tell the difference between a good employee and a great employee, and what their experience is looking for a particular skill set. There are staffing agencies for every industry in Ontario, so make sure that you're using the one that specializes in what you need.

What are their recruiting methods?

When you find a recruiting agency that seems to have a strong recruiting team and is specialized in your industry, it is time to start asking questions about their processes. Find out what strategies they use to filter through candidates, and the in-depth methods they use to find the best fit. Unfortunately, many staffing agencies hire after just one phone call. This usually results in high turnover and low satisfaction all around. Make sure the Ontario staffing agency you choose carefully assesses each candidate. Ask how they handle references, background checks, screenings, criminal backgrounds, and other essential details that play a significant role in who they choose. A professional and reliable staffing agency will carefully assess the candidate's knowledge and expertise in a particular field to ensure they are the right fit for your company. If you are continually getting recruits that are not up to your standard, it could be because your recruiting agency is not listening to your needs or cutting corners just to fill spaces.

Are the Ontario Staffing branch recruiters trained effectively?

While the strength of the staffing agency as a whole is important, so is the strength of each recruiter. A professional Ontario staffing agency that meets your needs will prioritize recruiter education and development to ensure they are the best at what they do. Ask about the recruiter's experience in the field, and if are they working with an extensive network that will benefit you. The more a recruiter knows about an industry, the better they will be able to pinpoint the best candidate for your job. It is okay to ask these questions to ensure that you are working with a team that is familiar with your industry.

How willing are they to get to know your business?

The relationship between a staffing agency and a business is an important one. A staffing agency can only find the right fit when they truly understand the values and goals of the business they are working with. Ask the recruiting agency what their processes are for getting to know the companies they recruit for. The right Ontario staffing agency for you will make the time to come out and meet you, ask questions, and do their best to understand precisely what it is you need. Without this personal interaction, your chances of finding a highly qualified candidate that meets all of your needs decline dramatically.

What other services do they offer?

Another question to ask when researching the best Ontario staffing agency for you is if they provide any additional services other than staffing. Some staffing agencies offer assistance with project management, vendor services, and payroll. Other offer ancillary Direct Hire recruiting services. If you are looking for a staffing agency that is a one-stop shop for all things human resources related, don't hesitate to ask what other services they provide that can help your business run more smoothly.

Regardless of your industry, an Ontario staffing firm can help increase productivity and decrease employee turnover. Ontario temp agencies specialize in finding seasonal workers to help with demand during busy seasons, while other Ontario staffing agencies specialize in finding experts in a particular field. Either way, a staffing agency can help save money, save time, and find the best candidates for your company.

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