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Filling Jobs In These Industries A Priority In 2023

Are you one of the 5.7 million Americans that are currently unemployed? Or maybe you have a job but want something different? If you’re a job seeker in 2023, you have countless resources and tools at your disposal to help you find work.

Many people looking for work use recruiters and staffing agencies to help connect them with companies looking to hire. But where are those companies? What industries are not only looking for top talent, but also paying well, and adopting more flexible work schedule options?

Leisure And Hospitality Jobs

According to a report done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the leisure and hospitality industry one service sector saw an increase of 128,000 jobs in January of 2023, and almost 100,000 of those positions were in restaurants and bars alone. Hotels across the company are consistently hiring people to keep up with the demand for tourism.

Home Health Nurse Making Bed | Staffing Agency Los Angeles

Home Health and Personal Care Aide Jobs

There is always a need across the country for compassionate individuals that can help take care of the sick and elderly. These positions were in high demand during the pandemic, and when families realized the benefits of having someone come to their home to care for their family member instead of having to choose a nursing home or an in-patient care facility, the demand for this kind of medical professional grew and continues to grow.

Medical and Health Services Manager Jobs

If you like the medical field but prefer a more behind-the-scenes approach, a job as a medical and health service manager may be a good fit. These professionals are in charge of planning, directing, and coordinating the business activities of healthcare providers in their city.

The need for medical and health services managers is growing for two reasons: there has been an increase in doctors opening group practices and needing help keeping all of the details organized. And also, the baby boomer generation is reaching an age where they require more medical services and healthcare options, which means healthcare providers in nursing homes and the geriatric fields are busier and need more help on the administrative side of their practices.

Transportation Driver Jobs

Truck drivers are a critical part of the economy, and without them, our country would not be able to function. Truck drivers work long hours, are often away from their families, and spend a lot of time alone. For some, this sounds like the ideal job! Truck drivers can make substantial money depending on their level of experience, and can rely on job security, steady pay, and the opportunity to explore new places.

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Information Technology Jobs

Don’t let recent tech layoffs scare you. Experts believe that 2023 is still a great year to work in the tech industry, as more and more companies are relying on innovation and technology to streamline their business strategies. According to a CNBC article, “there has been an overwhelming demand for software engineers, full-stack developers, data scientists, cloud architects, and other similar, highly specialized roles” in both big tech firms and smaller companies. The layoffs have shifted the mindsets of many people who worked for big companies like Google and Twitter, and are now prioritizing company culture and job security over working for a big-name company.

According to Forbes magazine, other fast-growing, high-paying, and flexible jobs to look into in 2023 include nurse practitioners, web developers, solar photovoltaic installers, and physician assistants. In the tech industry, data scientists and information security analysts are in high demand, and jobs like hotel managers, event coordinators, sales directors, and restaurant managers will continue to be great options for those seeking work in the hospitality industry.

The bottom Line For In Demand Jobs in 2023

Knowing where to look for a job is a good start, but during a time when 5.7 million other people are also looking for work in these same industries, working with a Los Angeles staffing agency is the best way to increase your chances of landing a career in these fast-paced industries.

If you’re tired of looking for jobs on your own, connect with a professional recruiter today who can use their resources and extensive network to maximize your search efforts and get you back to work.


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