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HR Outsourcing For Manufacturing Companies

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The manufacturing industry has seen a rapid transformation over the past decade or so. With the introduction of more volatile markets and technology that replaces men with machines, it can be a slippery slope for manufacturing companies to stay afloat. An increased use of machines and computers has decreased the need for manual labor, making the industry much different than it was ten years ago.

Now, the manufacturing industry is focusing on highly educated and trained technicians to oversee the computers and machines that have replaced the direct operators. This change means a change in how companies recruit workers and manage all aspects of employment such as payroll, benefits and workers comp.

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Using a staffing agency can benefit manufacturing companies in many ways. The first is recruitment. Finding, hiring and retaining quality, skilled, and professional workers can be a full time in itself and requires time that employers just don’t have. To keep the quality workers that they have, employers must also offer competitive wages and an excellent benefits package to hold onto quality employees. It can be tedious and time-consuming to try and stay current with all of these aspects which is why more and more manufacturing companies are leaving this part of the process up to an outside staffing agency.

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Second, because the manufacturing industry can be a high-risk work environment, it’s vital that employees are adequately covered and taken care of in case of an illness or accident on the job. Employers are responsible for carefully regulating all of the procedures and policies that come with workplace safety. And since injury on the job is 25% more common in a manufacturing company, strict compliance with rules and regulations regarding workers comp is of top concern.

It’s important for companies thinking about hiring a staffing agency to assist in HR administrative duties that they find an agency with experience working with manufacturing companies. The rules are different for this industry, and manufacturing companies face a very different set of HR-related issues. The staffing agency you choose should offer a wide variety of services and have experience dealing with compliance and labor issues.

HR Outsourcing can be the thing that keeps small to mid-size companies afloat. It can relieve employers of time-consuming paperwork and research, allowing them to focus more on the day to day responsibilities of the job. It also keeps labor costs down. If a small manufacturing company doesn’t have to add additional people to the payroll to help keep up with the HR side of the business, it saves the company money.

Staffing Agencies Can Help Your Manufacturing Company Save Time & Money | Great Hire

Allowing an experienced staffing agency to take some of the work off of your plate is a smart business move. By handing over some of the HR responsibilities to an outside agency, you gain time, focus, and freedom in the workplace. This also allows you to take advantage of their experience, network, education, and experience in the field and use it to your advantage. For small to mid-size manufacturing companies that want to focus on creating a great product and running a safe and enjoyable work environment, handing over the HR side to an outside source makes a whole lot of sense.

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