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Can an Employment Agency in Orange County CA Keep Flu Season Running Smoothly

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

It’s not a revelation that coming to work sick is a good way to get everyone in the office sick. More and more employers are embracing more sick days and enforcing their use. Sending one employee home tends to save the productivity of the whole office. Still, some employees push through because the office won’t run smoothly without them. When flu season descends, bringing in temps from an employment agency in Orange County, CA can fill the holes and keep your office running smoothly.

Local Temps Get There Fast

Sometimes you don’t know before the day starts that you’re going to have to call in a temp. Some people feel fine at night and wake up awful in the morning. When your first call of the day is from a sick employee, your second call should be to a local employment agency in Orange County CA. You can have a temp on site in record time, filling the hole in your staff.

Working with One Agency Builds a Pool

When you work with the same agency, over time you’ll build a pool of temps you’ve worked with and approve of. When you pick up the phone, you have a good chance of getting someone you already know how to work with. The agency gets a feel for what you need in a temp, and provides someone better suited to your workplace. This makes the transition to a temp smoother over time. During flu season, where many people will have to be out of the office, the smoother you can make it the better.

Keeping an office running during flu season is all about integrating temps seamlessly. People are going to be out sick. You may not get the amount of warning that you’re accustomed to. Working with an employment agency in Orange County, CA allows you to quickly bring in temps. The agency learns what you need, and sends you better fits all the time, so your office doesn’t miss a beat when someone’s down with the flu.

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