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When to Turn to Staffing Agencies to Find Employees

Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

Many employers want to access the convenience of a staffing agency, but aren’t sure when it’s appropriate. While there are many things a staffing agency can help with, there are three general times it’s best to call on one. When your company needs to hire a specialist outside of your field, when you need to fill a role quickly, and when you want to vet a candidate in action before hiring them full time.

You need to hire outside your expertise

As businesses grow, they need to bring more and more services “in house” in order to be cost effective. The first time a start-up hires a full-time accountant instead of hiring out is a huge step. However, most people don’t know how to properly interview across expertise lines. Things might be very different between industries. When you hire from a staffing agency, you know your new employee has been screened by experts in their field.

You need to fill a position quickly

Staffing agencies will be able to put a stack of resumes in your hand (or email inbox) very quickly. You won’t have to wait to post an ad, allow people to apply, and then sift through a mountain of resumes just to find people to interview. You can scan through a number of smaller, pre-screened resumes to find the best fit who can start on Monday. It’s quick and easy.

You don’t want to rush into anything permanent

Many staffing agencies allow you to set up a temporary to permanent situation. You take on a candidate as a temporary worker and get to see how they perform on the job. If you’re both happy with the work that’s getting done, you can choose to make the position permanent. If it doesn’t work out, you can hire someone again without the stress of having to commit to a full-time position with each candidate.

Staffing agencies are a great way to get someone into a job quickly, while still taking the time to choose a great fit to make a permanent part of your staff. You can be confident that whatever their specialty is, every candidate has been interviewed before they even get to you. You can get more done with less worry by turning to a staffing agency.

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