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4 Practical Steps To Successfully Filling Out A Job Application | Recruitment In Los Angeles

Filling Out A Job Application | Tech Recruiter | Recruitment Los Angeles

Job applications vary greatly. However, most of them commonly want the same information. You might think this is common sense. Your name, SSN number, and work history are all needed. Simple stuff right? Well unfortunately that’s not always the case. What you put down on your application can be what makes you not land the interview. Continue reading and learn from a company that handles corporate recruitment in Los Angeles what it is you need to do in order for your job application to be successful.

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1. Do not put anything down in the salary section. This can set you up for failure majorly. If you put a too high of amount chances are the company isn’t going to think they can afford you or that you are not qualified for that pay grade. If you put too low, they might think you have no self worth or that you really don’t have the qualifications for the job. Therefore, the safest route is to put “open” or “negotiable” and they discuss it in person at the interview.

2 . Put relevant history on your application. Yes they want to know how long you stayed at a job before switching, but even more so, they want to know that you have what it takes to do the job correctly. Therefore, in work experience put down work you have done in this career field and if there is still room, you can add other past experience if needed. For instance, if you were interviewing with a company that handles Recruitment in Los Angeles you would want to emphasize your experience recruiting for employees in the Los Angeles area.

3. Come prepared with all the information you need written down on a separate paper, also have a pen with you. Nothing is worse than walking into a company asking for an application, then asking for a pen, then later asking for a phone book to get the past employees numbers you need. this can make you seem unorganized and make them just toss the application into the trash after you have spent time filling it out. Instead, have all references numbers, past employers’ number and addresses and a pen all handy when you walk in to fill out an application.

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4. Dress to impress. You might think that just by applying for a job you do not need to dress nicely. However, you never know if they will do an on the spot interview. Instead of walking in wearing everyday clothes dress in something nicer. After all, first impressions can last a lifetime.

A successful application is what is going to help you get the job. If you need any help learning how to fill out an application, learning to dress for one, or even landing a job, contact Great Hire today for the best recruitment in Los Angeles. They are there to help people meet their true potential. Filling out an application correctly can make all the worlds difference when it comes time to the interview or getting the job itself. Take these above tips to heart when you fill out your next one and remember to ALWAYS be truthful so you don’t set yourself up for failure.

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