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How to Find the Right Temp Agency for Your Business


Regardless of the size of your business or what industry you’re in, it will experience many economic ups and downs. You will also have to deal with many employee issues such as sick leave, disability and maternity leave. This can leave you short-staffed, which can lower productivity and put more strain on your current employees. This can further your staffing issues as they look for new employment opportunities elsewhere.

You may also have short-term projects that do not require a full-time employee. Instead of pulling valuable resources from other departments, or going through the complex process of interviews and paperwork to hire a new employee, you can contact a temp agency to hire someone for you.

How Temp Agencies Help

Temp agencies, such as Great Hire, partner with dozens of qualified applicants with a variety of skills, knowledge and expertise. This gives you a giant talent pool to choose from, regarding your specific needs. The agency will give you the opportunity to interview several candidates whom the agency deems to be the best fit. You can then decide who you want to work with.

The agency will take care of all of the paperwork, filing, paychecks and other details pertaining to the temporary employee. You also have the opportunity to provide feedback on how the temp is performing at his/her job, and whether you’d like to work with them again if another position opens up.

Working with a temp agency can save you time, money and effort in finding the right worker for your needs, no matter how long you need them for, or what the nature of your project is.

Finding the Right Temp Agency

Not all temp agencies are created equal, and it’s important to find the one that’s right for you. Before you contact an agency you must have a clear idea of the attributes and skills you want in a candidate. What is the job or project going to entail? What kind of skills should and experience should the ideal candidate have? This will help the agency find someone quickly from their talent pool.

Some agencies specialize in certain skills and professions, while others have access to a variety of potential workers from all walks of life. Don’t assume that those who work for temp agencies are at the bottom of the talent pool, or can’t make it in the ‘real world’. Many temp workers have already found success as independent contractors, and have certifications in fields such as accounting, graphic design, etc.

Before you can interview potential candidates, you must interview potential agencies to work with. Ask them what kind of people they work with, what type of skills they have and how soon they can start once you’ve chosen a qualified candidate.

Also ask what type of remedial actions can be taken in the event that you’ve chosen a candidate who isn’t qualified or doesn’t meet your expectations. While this doesn’t happen often, there needs to be a contingency plan put in place. Many times, the agency will have you interview several more candidates so you can choose another one.

Great Hire can help your business find the perfect temporary employees. Visit the website or call us for more details.


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