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Why Warehouse & Manufacturing Jobs Are A Good Place To Start

If you’re new to the workforce, it can be overwhelming to enter the labor market and find something that brings you purpose, is aligned with your skillset and pays well. Many people in Los Angeles, San Bernardino County, and Orange County turn to warehouse and manufacturing jobs as their introduction to labor jobs. While this kind of work environment is not for everyone, it offers a unique work environment that is the perfect fit for people who enjoy working with their hands.

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Types Of Warehouse Jobs In Los Angeles

A warehouse requires many different people in different positions to work effectively. There are receivers, forklift operators, warehouse managers, shipping and receiving positions, and material handlers. There are jobs meant for people who prefer to work solo, and positions that involve working with a team. Some positions require specific training and certification, especially if you will be operating heavy machinery. Many jobs require organizing, reporting, classifying, moving, and receiving goods. If your strengths include spatial sense, working with speed and accuracy, and organization, you could excel in warehouse and manufacturing jobs in Los Angeles.

Types Of Manufacturing Jobs in Los Angeles

Manufacturing Jobs in Los Angeles, San Bernardino County, and Orange County are another great option for labor workers looking to get their foot in a competitive industry. Just like warehouse jobs in Los Angeles, there are many different positions to try, some of which involve solo work while others require leading or working on a team.

There are also different types of manufacturing companies, like repetitive assembly lines, discrete assembly lines, and job shops. The wide variety of manufacturing industries in Los Angeles (food, petroleum, chemicals and plastics, clothing, textiles, metal, electronics, transportation, wood, and paper, just to name a few) also give first-time workers many options for work-based on their strengths.

Benefits of Warehouse/Manufacturing Jobs in Los Angeles

Another reason that manufacturing jobs are a great place to start a career path is that they typically offer many different kinds of entry-level positions. These jobs will offer on-the-job training and don’t require years of experience or specialized training. These jobs are perfect for someone looking to build their resume and expand their professional networks.

Manufacturing jobs are also ideal for people who work best when they can actually see their progress. Because warehouse and manufacturing jobs are so physical and hands-on, it is easy to see where you are in the process of a project. If you struggle with jobs where the concepts and processes are more abstract, manufacturing and warehouse jobs in Los Angeles may suit your work style better.

You can’t talk about manufacturing jobs or warehouse jobs without mentioning the pay scale. Not only does it offer plenty of room for growth, but it also pays higher than many entry-level jobs in other industries. The average pay for a warehouse worker is $38,544 a year and $19 an hour in California.

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Finding Warehouse And Manufacturing Jobs in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a job in the warehouse or manufacturing industry, there are a few different ways to get started. If you know someone in these industries, you could ask them to see if their company is hiring. You could also use traditional online job classifieds to find work. However, one of the most effective ways to find the right warehouse or manufacturing jobs is through a staffing agency. Not only do they have access to all of the local businesses that are hiring, but they take the time to place you with hiring companies.

Staffing agencies are also a great place to look for temporary labor jobs. If you’re looking for a short-term job to make extra money, or if you just want to try out these industries before committing, a staffing agency can help you find short-term work. These staffing agencies can connect you with local warehouses that need temporary work to help with a season of high demand.

Next Steps For Jobseekers

Wherever you are in your professional journey, a Los Angeles staffing agency can get you connected with a manufacturing or warehouse job that is hiring. Start your job search on the right foot and contact one of Los Angeles’ best hiring agencies today!


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