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Why Most Large Manufacturers Use Staffing Agencies

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Large manufacturing companies rely on their highly trained, skilled, and qualified workers for their success. This is why so many manufacturing companies use staffing agencies. Outsourcing the vetting, hiring, screening, and training of an employee saves large manufacturing companies time and money. These companies cannot afford to spend a long period of time searching for candidates who have the skills needed to get the job done.

A large percentage of California manufacturing companies use staffing agencies, and here are five reasons why:

Staffing Agencies reduce expensive and time-consuming employee training

A large manufacturing company is successful when all of its employees are experts in their particular field. Using a staffing agency to fill vacancies helps eliminate expensive and time-consuming training, and fills vacancies with experienced and expert workers who possess a specific skill set. Large manufacturing companies cannot afford to spend a lot of time training inexperienced workers. A staffing agency spends time searching for the right candidates, screening them and asking them industry-related questions, and can take the time to find the right fit. This increases the chance of finding a qualified candidate and reduces employee turnover.

Staffing Agencies Have Access To A Wider Talent Pool

Another reason why many large manufacturing companies use staffing agencies is that the staffing agency has access to a wide pool of talent. A particular company needs an expert in the field; the staffing agency can find it. If your specific company needs someone with a certain amount of experience or expertise, a staffing agency can find it. Instead of waiting around for the right candidate to send in their resume, a staffing agency can be proactive and search within their well-established pool of talent to find the right person.

Staffing Agencies Develop a temporary workforce

Many manufacturing companies use staffing agencies to compile a temporary workforce; a team of backup workers who can come in and assist permanent workers when there is an unexpected change in demand. Temporary workers can be called in to cover permanent employees who go on vacation, maternity leave, or are away for an unexpected period of time. Having a temporary backup team gives companies the peace of mind that if their permanent workers seem to be overwhelmed or burnt out, there are qualified and capable employees on hand to help carry the load.

Staffing Agencies Saves money

Hiring a staffing agency saves large manufacturing companies a lot of money. Instead of having to pay HR departments for the screening and hiring processes, they can pay a flat fee to the staffing agency and have everything done at once. A professional staffing agency will find you the best candidates, reducing the money you spend on rehiring, training, and unemployment.

Staffing Agencies allow manufacturing managers to focus on their job

One of the worst parts of being a business leader is having to fire employees. This can be a complicated, awkward, and time-consuming process. Thankfully, when you hire a staffing agency, firing an employee becomes their job. This is just one example of how hiring a staffing agency can allow a manufacturing manager to focus on their primary responsibilities, and not worry about things such as hiring, firing, training, and employee retention.

There are hundreds of manufacturing companies based out of California, and the ones that are the most successful tend to outsource their hiring processes. This allows them to focus solely on labor and production, which results in higher productivity levels and more significant profits. The beautiful thing about working with a staffing agency is that there is a staffing agency for every type of business.

Regardless of what type of manufacturing company you work for, there is a staffing agency who has a team of experienced and dedicated recruiters who know the industry well. Their knowledge and passion for the business carries over into who and how they hire, which positively impacts your level of success.

Great Hire provides Staffing Agency services in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, & San Bernardino Counties. Great Hire also provides Direct Hire recruiting services Nationwide.


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