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5 Signs Your Company Needs A Headhunter

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The term headhunter can sometimes have an aggressive or negative connotation, but a headhunter is simply someone who goes out and gets what you need. There is a difference between recruiters and Headhunters, and it is essential to know the difference. A recruiter someone who selects qualified hires from their pool of interested candidates. These candidates are intentionally on a list and looking for employment in a particular industry. A headhunter, however, is responsible for seeking out top talent in the competition and encouraging them to jump ship.

Like recruiters, headhunters charge a fee for their service, and many employers are willing to pay the fee because they know that if they get the top talent from their competitors that they will make up the fee substantially.

So how do you know when you need a recruiter and when you need a headhunter? A recruiter is typically the best option for a growing business that has spaces to fill. A headhunter is usually the best option for an established company that wants to increase its talent pool and rise to the next level. Here are five signs that it's time for your company to hire a headhunter.

You Need To Fill A Specialist Position

As an employer, you will get to the point where the people that you have and the work that is being done begins to feel a little stagnant. Your team is strong but could be stronger. If you feel like you need to increase the talent pool in your company, a headhunter will be able to do this. They will be able to find the top performing employees within a competitive market and Encourage them to work for your company instead. This will dramatically increase your productivity and profitability and be a game changer for your place in the industry.

You Need More Experts

As your company grows, you may need to hire people who have extensive experience in the industry. More experts, more experience, more knowledge, and more resources will only benefit your company. If you are looking to fill a specialty position that your existing employees do not have the qualifications to fill, a headhunter will be able to go out and find the expert or specialist that you need for this position.

You Need The Hiring Process To Remain Confidential

If you don't want the whole world to know that you have a senior position open, at headhunter will be able to recruit qualified candidates in complete confidentiality. While a recruiter sends their feelers out to a large pool of potential candidates, a headhunter will go out and specifically seek the right person without making it public knowledge.

You Need To Work Quickly

Advertising for new employees, screening them, interviewing them and finalizing all the details for the hiring process can take months. If you don't have that kind of time, a headhunter will be able to go out and quickly seek out the individuals that are most qualified for the position. Typically this takes much less time than the average recruiting process. Many employers report that just the fact they can expedite the hiring process is worth the fee they pay for the headhunter.

You Don’t Have Time To Hire

One of the best reasons to need a headhunter is because as an employer, you are so busy growing your business that you do not have time to stop and interview potential candidates. A headhunter, like a recruiter, can take care of all the details and find a qualified candidate so that you can focus on the most critical aspects of your job. A headhunter does not have to waste time sifting through a large pool of potential candidates. Instead, they go directly to the source and know exactly what they are looking for. This saves time and allows you to hire top-performing candidates quickly.

Whether or not your company grows and reaches the next level depends on the people you have working for you. Hiring highly skilled candidates that share your company's mission and values usually reduce turnover, save your company time and money, and build a culture of people who love what they do. If you're going to rise above the competition, you'll need to hire the best of the best. A head hunter can help you do this.


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