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Building A Stronger Employee Bond During Covid

One of the strongest themes we’ve seen run through our country since the start of Covid-19 is distance. Friends and families have had to stay apart, children have been away from their classrooms, employees have started working from home and away from the office. And while the pandemic has taught us to keep our distance, it has also brought us together.

Along with navigating CDC guidelines at work and dealing with layoffs and strict social distancing guidelines, business owners and managers have had another tough job: maintaining a positive work culture during uncertain times. People are stressed, fearful, and anxious. Some aren’t sure when they will work again while others work so much they never see their families. Now, more than ever, business owners need to focus on strengthening employee bonds and focusing on mental health in the workplace.

Here are a few ways to do that:

Checking In With Remote Workers During Covid

If you have a team of workers who used to work in the field or the office but are now working remotely, it's important to check in on them. Unexpectedly changing to remote work or working from home can be isolating and challenging for those used to working in a social setting. Checking in with these remote workers starts with deliberate communication. Check-in with each member of your team individually and find out what their immediate needs are.

Do they have all of the resources and tools they need to do their work from home effectively? Do they feel supported and competent in their new role?

What can you do to help them adjust to this new work environment?

This simple check-in can help remote workers feel seen and validated even though they are working from home.

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Facilitate Virtual Collaboration During Covid

Your remote workers may be missing social interaction, and there are a few different ways that you can help facilitate social for those working from home. Put together a casual group chat where people can discuss things that aren't related to work, such as their favorite place to travel or sharing their favorite recipe. For those who are new to the company or new to working remotely, pair them up with a mentor who has done this type of work before. This allows them to build personal relationships while also learning more effective and productive ways to do their job.

Some people work better independently, while others enjoy the collaboration of a team. For those who may be missing teamwork and dialogue, put together discussion groups that allow people to set a goal, manage a project, and see it to completion.

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Check-in With Employees In The Field During Covid

Industries like construction, healthcare, and hospitality simply can't do everything remotely. They still need people out in the field and in the offices to do their job effectively. People working in these industries are having to navigate new rules and guidelines about social distancing and workplace protocol, which can be a stressful addition to an already stressful job. It's important to check in on the mental health of these employees regularly.

Check for signs of depression and exhaustion, and put policies in place that allow them to take the mental health breaks that they need. Pre-Covid, employers could put together team-building opportunities or get together for happy hour to build employee relationships and improve company culture. Since a lot of these things aren't an option right now, business owners and managers have to get creative when finding ways to boost employee morale.

One way to encourage employee togetherness and engagement is by putting together a company-wide contest. This could be a little friendly competition between everyone in the company or between different departments. It could be a work-related goal, such as how many projects can be completed in a certain amount of time, or a more personal goal such as who can walk the most miles in a month. Get input from your employees to find out what is important to them and what would get them engaged.

The Takeaway

Isolation can be a real problem in the workplace and can lead to decreased production, efficiency, and workplace morale. During these uncertain times. The business owners and managers must be consistently checking in with their employees and finding creative ways to build personal bonds even if they’re spread apart.

If you’re currently hiring new employees or looking for temporary workers, it's vital that they positively contribute to the existing company culture. Finding the right person for the right position the first time is important to the success of the company, which is why so many California businesses are using this Los Angeles staffing company to help them build strong teams.

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