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The Future Of Staffing | Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in the talent management arena with digital recruiters in the staffing industry, providing unique digital recruitment opportunities, time savings, and brand efficiency for companies of any size and scope.

One of the most pressing problems for companies around the world is actually a multi-dimensional dilemma. Companies must acquire the best talent for available positions, manage human resources effectively, and ensure that each individual will further the company’s ultimate goals. It’s a time-consuming task that artificial intelligence is uniquely qualified to perform.

Staffing Agency Los Angeles | Artificial Intelligence In Staffing

To date, AI technology has typically been utilized in facial identification for marketing purposes. When it’s been paired with machine learning (ML), the result encompasses functionalities such as spam filters, commute time estimators, and even autopilot for aircraft. When combined with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and virtual intelligence (VI) the potential for usage expands exponentially.

Traditional methods for talent searches are passive and function as clearinghouses. Employers and HR professionals are still responsible for the labor-intensive job of examining each application or resume by hand and setting up interviews. There’s also the potential for leaks about potential positions and poaching of valuable human assets if competitors know a specific individual is being considered.

An intelligent staffing and management AI eliminates those problems. Intelligent recruitment platformsincorporate machine learning, neuro-linguistic programming, virtual learning and highly sophisticated algorithms. That combination of elements enables a digital recruiter to recognize specific employer requirements, identify the best potential candidates, and initiate intelligent matching based on employer criteria.

An AI that works as a digital recruiter can schedule interviews or even conduct interviews utilizing real-time reporting and video recording technology. It enables confidential communications about strategic opportunities, thereby eliminating poaching from competitors. Even more importantly, utilizing an AI can conceivably increase profit margins by up to 275 BPS through intelligent talent management.

Intelligent digital recruiters can source candidates from anywhere in the world and with that ability comes the added responsibility of cultural diversity within companies. An AI can assist with determining if a candidate will be a good cultural fit within any organization and represent the company’s goals and reputation.

Deployment of artificial intelligence as a digital recruiter, team management tool and human asset coordinator with innovative recruitment tool provides an edge for companies that want to stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge technology.

This begs the question. Will AI replace the services of traditional Staffing and Recruiting Agencies? We believe the answer is no. There is a human element that adheres to the personal nature of getting to know a candidate on a personal level that is important when filling key roles. A Staffing Agency that blends the utilization of technology and personal touch is something that companies can leverage to fill positions more quickly and efficiently. With that said, Staffing Agencies that stick with the old brick and morter business model will likely be left in the dust. Value is provided when cutting edge technology and personal service are leveraged together and can save companies thousands per fill.

A Los Angeles Staffing Agency such as Great Hire Human Resource Solutions does just that.

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