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3 Traits That Potential Employers Look For In A Job Candidate

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Job interviews can be nerve wracking. You are never quite sure what an employer will ask you or what to expect them to act like during the interview. You can do countless searches on what you should be preparing for, but each list is, for the most part, fairly different. It will become overwhelming much too quickly and likely lead you into a panic. But, it is important to stay calm! Here are three things that a potential employer looks for at the interview as observed by a top Staffing Agency in Orange County.

1. How Likable You Are

Employers do not want to hire somebody that is not very personable. The kinder, more welcoming you are during the interview, the more they will like you. This will show them that you should be able to get along with the rest of the staff, which is incredibly important. Without positive inter employee relationships, a company has the potential to suffer a loss. But, it is important to be genuine in how you act, faking certain feelings and habits can backfire, and is a bad way to start a new professional relationship.

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2. How Professional You Are

Even in companies that are relaxed and all about having fun, there is a sense of professionalism that needs to exist. This may be when it comes to talking to specific clients, or the way you handle yourself in meetings. But, professionalism does not stop at the way you present yourself.

It also includes your work ethic, you should be able to produce a professional quality of work, without procrastinating about it. While this is something that cannot necessarily be done, the way you describe your professionalism is what will give them the answer they seek. Other ways to let your professionalism shine through is by how serious you prove yourself to be about the interview, follow the dress code that is set, and show up a few minutes early, so that you have a chance to collect yourself before going in.

3. How Enthusiastic You Are About the Job

An employer wants you to be genuinely enthusiastic about the idea of getting the job. While it may be a fun job overall, there is always a chance that there will be times where things get dull. But, you need to be understanding of this fact and willing to accept it.

If you can show your employer genuine excitement about wanting to work for them, they are going to take you more seriously and give you more consideration than other applicants who may not be as enthusiastic as you are.

Now that you know three of the major things an employer will be looking for during your interview does it make you a bit more confident? If you feel passionate and have a strong desire for this job, and are extremely personable, then you should have no problem during the actual interview. If you need more help on preparing for your interview talk to Great Hire HR, a Staffing Agency in Orange County, CA who can help you to not only look for jobs, but prepare for the interview process.

A great way to make connections and get back into the work force is to call a Staffing Agency in Orange County, CA that prides itself on matching great employees with great employers.

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