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Industrial Staffing Services

In an industrial setting you need a flexible workforce overseen by a staffing agency that has safety as it's top priority. We care about your business and it's goals.

  • Vast Pool Of Industrial Candidates
  • Skilled, Specialty & General Labor 
  • Full Service Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Competetive Mark Up Rates
  • Full Workers Comp Coverage
  • Work Force & multi-Shift Management
  • ACA Compliance
  • CA Sick pay compliant
  • Fast & Efficient Recruiting 
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Light Industrial & Manufacturing Staffing Done Right

It's no secret that staffing agency's are most widely used in the industrial space. Managing a constantly fluctuating work force need and mitigating injury risks are what we do best at Great Hire. From safety plans to payroll solutions, we've got your light industrial staffing needs covered.

One of the most critical aspects when looking at prospective industrial temp agencies is making sure they have proper workers compensation coverage for your site. "Skimming" on what is by far the largest overhead cost for a staffing agency is unfortunately something that has been prevalent in the industry over the years. An abnormally low mark up rate can be a red flag that this is a practice the agency may be engaging in. There is a common misconception that the employer is not liable in this situation, but as many have found out the hard way, regulatory agencies consider the two to be "joint employers".

It's important that you choose a company that is operating above board and not exposing your company to liability. After all, one of the main functions in using a contingent workforce is to take advantage of the risk mitigating factors that come with outsourcing your work-force. Our team at Great Hire are experts in the Industrial Staffing Space and will make sure that you're running efficiently reap the full benefits of using a contingent workforce.

Why Is Great Hire The Best Choice For Your Staffing Needs?

Industrial Compliance Headaches | Relieved

Some experts are calling 2019 the year of regulations, according to HRDive. The employer of record has to worry about compliance with regulations like the Affordable Care Act, local or regional regulations like paid sick leave, and many more. Make the most of industrial staffing services. When you utilize an industrial staffing agency, such as Great Hire, that agency is responsible for compliance for its employees, taking just one more headache off of your plate.  

Recruiting & Hiring | Save Time With Great Hire

Who couldn’t use an extra few hours in the workday? The hiring process is particularly time-consuming right now, when unemployment is low and employers are competing for a very limited pool of employees. Letting a manufacturing staffing agency take on this time-consuming process for your industrial and manufacturing staffing needs gives you time to focus on other tasks.

Industrial Capacity Constraints | Increase Your Flexibility

There’s a lot of uncertainty about what 2019 will bring for employers, from how the national and global economy will perform to the fate of policies like the Affordable Care Act and the FLSA overtime rule. Temporary staffing can help you manage these uncertain times, including ebbs and flow in your business.

An Increased Pool Of Industrial Employees | Active & Passive

Not all candidates are actively searching job boards. Some don't even realize there are better opportunities until you bring it to their attention. Great Hire searches both active and passive industrial and manufacturing staffing candidates through our own internal database, job boards, and through a recruiting outreach program. Not all employees are looking for full-time gigs either – some prefer the flexibility offered by a temporary or contract position. Staffing agencies excel at building pools of these flexible employees who want a job just like the one you’re offering. And if you find a star employee, you can hire them on permanently.

Use Of Staffing Agency Services | Less Wasteful Spending

The talent acquisition process is a notorious source of rogue spending. When the req in question is difficult to fill, the problem only gets worse. Fortunately, a staffing agency can help you rein in rogue spending. They'll work with your HR team to develop a program with carefully defined guidelines on spending. They'll also keep your hiring managers within the established budget and provide customized reporting services on spending throughout the talent acquisition process. You'll know what you're spending — and where you're spending it.

The next time you find yourself searching for talent, you don't have to go it alone. The right industrial staffing partner can take the toughest reqs off your hands, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Industrial Employees With The Experience You Need

On Your Crew

  • Certified Production Technicians

  • Forklift Drivers

  • Picker/Packer

  • General Labor

  • Plant Managers

  • Shift Supervisors

  • All Industrial Environment Positions


The next time you find yourself searching for talent, you don’t have to go it alone.
Great Hire Staffing can take the toughest reqs off your hands,
so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Our Industrial Staffing services provide you full workers compensation insurance and payroll tax and benefit coverage.

Angela L./ Director Of HR

Cosmetics Manufacturer

"Great Hire has become a critical staffing partner for our company. We utilize multiple agencies and brought them in as a back up. Their responsiveness and recruiting methods earned them a spot as our primary agency. We truly appreciate them."

Sandra M./ CFO

Mold Injection Manufacturer

"We've used Great Hire for over 5 years and are extremely happy with the results. Our account manager is always available when there is an issue or when we have a line gap. I highly recommend them."

Mark G./ Hiring Manager

Chemical Distr Co.

"Great Hire is a fantastic company to work with. The team they have assembled responds quickly to each request. They understand our needs and tirelessly search for just the right candidates to fill our positions. I would highly recommend their services to any companies in need of growing their staff"

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