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Reviewing Onboarding Records

Onboarding Records are tied to an individual candidate record. We use these to log start work documents and track the status of an individual candidates onboarding progress. Payroll should refer to these records when informing our PEO of new employees to be onboarded to payroll.

  • Viewing An onboarding record

Onboarding records can be found in the "Related List" bar to the left of a candidate record. Here you can view all documents pertinent to the candidates legal start work documents.

Documents that have been uploaded by the recruiter or site manager are separated by category. Here you can view all of the documents pertinent to our PEO's requirement for onboarding.

  • Use Onboarding Status to track the process

The recruiter or site manager must move the Onboarding Status to "Onboard Complete-Hirable" to activate the notification to Payroll that the onboard process is complete. You can review the employment documents for accuracy before sending to our PEO for onboarding. If documents are missing you can contact the recruiter or on-site manager for follow up with needed documents or reach out to the employee directly. If the employee is found to be un-hirable for any reason related to their documents move the Onboard Status to " Onboard Complete- Unhirable"

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