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Why Using An Industrial Staffing Agency Is Essential For Manufacturers

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The manufacturing industry is known for having frequent ups and downs when it comes to adequate staffing. Sometimes, a manufacturer will have more than enough help, and sometimes they will be desperate for skilled workers to fill their positions. Manufacturers looking to fill spots temporarily often enlist the support of an industrial staffing agency to help them fill their vacancies and keep productivity and profitability going strong.

Many manufacturing companies that are reluctant to expand their permanent workforce often turn to outside recruiting agencies to help them find temporary work. But even if you are looking for permanent, skilled workers or seasonal help, here are four ways an Industrial Staffing Agency can help.

Staffing Agencies Save Manufacturers Time

Many manufacturers find conducting the advertising, interviewing, and hiring of new employees reduces their ability to focus on other important aspects of their job. Industrial staffing agencies can do a thorough search for a qualified candidate and take care of all the training and hiring processes, so that your spots are filled with highly qualified candidates. If you are already short on manpower, you can’t afford to diversify your labors further by expecting your team (or yourself) to spend more time recruiting and hiring new people. An industrial staffing agency takes over this responsibility so that you don't have to.

Staffing Agencies Fill Vacancies Quickly

In a season where your company is experiencing increased vacancies, filling these positions is a top priority. Manufacturers that use a staffing agency are able to fill the spots with highly qualified and pre-screened workers quickly. If you are looking for employees with a particular skill-set, simply advertising for the position and waiting for resumes to come in could take a long time. Instead of waiting around for the right candidate, manufacturers can rely on the expertise of a staffing agency to bring only workers with the right skill set and the right experience to the table. This reduces the amount of time manufacturers have to spend teaching and training new hires. It also lowers the chances of hiring someone who is not qualified and having them quit or having to let them go, which in turn starts the whole process over again.

Staffing Agencies Provide A Trial Run For Candidates

Temporary staffing gives manufacturers an opportunity to give a potential candidate a trial run before bringing them on board full-time. This benefits both the employer and the employee, as both have an adequate amount of time to determine whether the position works for both sides. If so, there may be an opportunity to hire the temp worker full-time. If not, the manufacturing manager does not have to worry about unemployment or any of the issues that come with letting an employee go.

Staffing Agencies Prevent Worker Burnout

Not having enough help is only one reason a California manufacturer would hire an Orange County staffing agency. Sometimes, manufacturers have enough employees, but the workload is causing employee burnout. This is why many manufacturers utilize temp staffing services to relieve the workload from existing employees. Permanent workers can focus on their most important tasks, and temporary workers can help with the additional jobs that may be falling through the cracks. In this case, everyone wins. The permanent workers feel more productive, and the temporary workers have meaningful work to do during a particular season, with the understanding that their role is temporary.

Staffing agencies are not just for companies that need customer service representatives or administrative support. Industrial staffing companies are experts and finding both skilled and unskilled workers or manufacturers and they are great for saving you money on workers compensation insurance.

With so many different local businesses, manufacturers, and medium-to-large sized company in the Los Angeles area, it's no surprise that many of them enlist the help of Los Angeles staffing agencies to help keep their businesses running smoothly. Industrial staffing agencies help Los Angeles businesses save money, hire qualified candidates, and increase productivity and profitability.

Great Hire provides temporary staffing in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, Ventura, & San Bernardino Counties. Great Hire also provides Direct Hire Recruiting Placement services Nationwide.


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