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Utilizing An Outside Recruiter In 2022

Recruiting and hiring high-quality workers has always been a tricky part of running a business, but hiring in 2022 is going to be a whole new ball game. Before Covid, business owners could rely on traditional hiring methods to find the work that they needed, and many workers would stay with the company for the long term. Things are different now, and hiring isn’t what it used to be.

Working with a recruiter is going to be the new way to grow a company in 2022, and here’s why:

Outside Recruiters Focus On Long-Term Retention

Covid changed the workforce in many ways, including how long people stay in one place. The pandemic changed the way people thought about staying in the same position with the same company and forced many to reevaluate how they thought about work. Recruiters and staffing agencies don’t just focus on the person who is right for the job right now. They’re not in the business of filling vacancies with people who are good enough. Instead, recruiters use all of the tools and resources at their disposal to find employees who will grow with the company. Long-term retention is key to company growth in 2022.

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Outside Recruitment Incorporates Remote Work

Statistics show that remote work is becoming the new normal, and more and more businesses are offering work-from-home opportunities for their workers. Covid showed businesses that the traditional “work from the office model” isn’t the only model that works, and many employees are excited about the remote work option. An outside recruiter has the experience to seek out workers who work best in the traditional office model and workers who prefer to work remotely. This diversified workforce is what will set companies apart in 2022.

Outside Recruitment Saves Money

If you're going into 2022 looking for ways to cut costs, working with an outside recruitment agency or staffing agency should be at the top of your list. An outside recruiter can save your company money and multiple ways including:

● Hiring quality candidates in a short amount of time

● Hiring the right candidates the first time to reduce turnover

● Reduces the time you spend reading resumes and screening employees so you can focus on responsibilities that improve your bottom line

● For industries that need to hire for a season of high demand, outside recruiters can find temporary workers that can fill in the gaps without having to bring them on as full-time employees and pay the costs that go with it.

Outside Recruiters Are Niche Experts

Traditional hiring methods require spending money on online ads and then spending time sifting through all the resumes that come through to find someone who checks all of the boxes. Sometimes you’ll get a lot of responses but when the position has less applicants it becomes very time consuming and costly to make the right hire.

Outside Recruiters Reduce Employee Workload

Thousands of Los Angeles businesses had to let go of so many of their workers during the pandemic to cut costs and abide by social distancing guidelines. This meant that the training employees were forced to work longer days, take on more responsibility, and make up for the labor shortage. One way small and medium-sized businesses are working through this is by working with outside recruiters to find temp work. This alleviates some of the stress and pressure from full-time employees, which boosts company morale and productivity.

Outside recruiters have exclusive access to a pool of qualified and ready-to-work temp workers, so you can get the help you need quickly without the added expenses of hiring full-time employees.

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Outside Recruiters Can Create A More Diverse Labor Force

Studies show that companies that are intentional about creating a diverse labor force are more productive, efficient, and innovative. Working with an outside recruiter means you have access to a broader pool of qualified candidates than if you used traditional hiring methods. Outside recruiters can find people from different backgrounds and industries who have the strengths your company is looking for. Staffing agencies are experts in creating job listings that attract diverse candidates and can spend the time carefully reviewing resumes and finding the perfect fit for the job. The workforce is going to look a lot different in 2022, and companies that embrace these changes will be the ones to excel.

Next Steps To Using An Outside Recruiter

If your business is going to thrive in the new year you need to be thinking about your hiring strategies now. If you’ve never used a Recruiting Agency before, you could be missing out on qualified workers who will help your company grow. Check out how an outside recruiter can change the way you do business in 2022.


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