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Using A Staffing Agency For Labor Shortages

It feels like everywhere you go, you see signs for businesses that are hiring. Restaurants, hotels, tech agencies, construction teams, and even the medical fields are struggling to fill vacant positions. The pandemic has shifted the way people work and how companies are hiring employees and acquiring labor. Many small and medium-sized businesses in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are using professional staffing agencies to find the workers they need in an ever-changing labor market.

There are many benefits to using a staffing agency during a labor shortage, for both the businesses that need work and the employees who need to get to work quickly without having to commit to a particular position or company.

Here are four other reasons to use a temp agency during a labor shortage.

Staffing Agencies Offer Quick Access To Qualified Labor

Many businesses in Los Angeles are relearning how to work after two years of tight restrictions, mandates, and social distancing guidelines. Now that people are back out in the economy and spending money, companies have to fill in the gaps and need quick access to qualified labor. For a business manager or owner who is just trying to stay afloat, the hiring, recruiting, training, and onboarding processes can be overwhelming.

Working with the staffing agency allows a business owner to focus on the day-to-day details of their job while the staffing agency handles the recruitment. The staffing agency works behind the scenes to find qualified and skilled workers who are ready to jump into their role with the company. Sometimes during labor shortages, business owners find themselves having to sacrifice the quality of the employee they hire just to fill a vacancy. This leads to spending more money on correcting mistakes, training, and turnover. This quick access to qualified labor could mean the difference between staying afloat or shutting down during a tough economic time.

Economists predict that this labor shortage is not something that will go away in the next year or two. The pandemic completely changed the way people think about working and spending money, and business owners may need to completely reinvent the way they hire people.

Labor Shortage | Staffing Agency Employees

Staffing Agencies Offer Security For Full Time Workers

Another consequence of a labor shortage is that the people who remain in a company end up doing more and working longer to make up the difference. This means committed professionals and loyal employees are working longer days and taking on responsibilities that may not be within their pay grade. This can lead to lower company morale and burnout. When you work with a temp agency, you can fill in those gaps with qualified workers and give your full-time workers the rest and reprieve they need. Overworked employees mean reduced quality and productivity for a business, and that's the last thing a business owner wants.

Staffing Agencies Can Help Keep Doors Open and Customers Happy

Unfortunately, so many Southern California businesses are shutting down because they simply don't have the workers to keep up with the production and services their customers need. This means locally owned businesses with just a handful of employees are becoming overwhelmed with the current demand and can't keep up. This decreases productivity, customer service, and efficiency, which eventually leads to their shut down. Hiring temporary workers allows businesses to stay open, stay on top of the current demand, and offer top-notch customer service for a new wave of consumers.

Temporary workers can also be the solution for businesses that are seeing an increase in demand. Having the ability to hire more workers when the demand is high, and then let them go and things settle down, can be the solution many small and medium-sized Los Angeles businesses are looking for.

Staffing Agencies Can Help Create A More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Another perk of working with a temp agency during a labor shortage is the opportunity to hire outside of your typical hiring pool. The agency’s broad reach across industries and wide pool of talent to choose from means businesses can hire people from different backgrounds and with different skill sets. The result is a more diversified workforce. A company focused on diversity is a company that is more adaptable, better at problem-solving, and more creative, innovative, and efficient.

Business owners that are trying to grow their workforce on their own tend to look in the same places and find the same types of people. Temp agencies have an extensive network of talent to choose from, which benefits everybody in the long run.

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Your Next Steps In Overcoming A Labor Shortage

If you are a California-based business and are struggling to hire and onboard new employees, it's time to look into how a staffing agency can help. Not only can a Los Angeles staffing agency help you save time and money, but it can also reduce turnover, improve company morale, and boost productivity and efficiency. Click here to see how a staffing agency can help your particular industry.


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