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Now Is The Time To Hire For Key Positions

Companies don't grow on accident. Growth within a small to medium-sized business depends a lot on the people who run it. This means that when you're ready to grow your business, it has to include a change in your hiring processes. If your goal for 2021 is a radical transformation of your business, it has to start with how and who you hire. Now is the time to focus on getting the right people in those key positions to prepare your company for changes.

Timing Is Everything When Hiring For Key Positions

If you're trying to put together a rockstar team, filling those key positions with top talent should be your priority. It takes a while to train and develop a competent employee, and if you're aiming for growth in 2021 there's no time to waste. This doesn't mean you should rush through the hiring process, but it does mean that it is time to look closely at the employees that you have and how they are adding to the productivity and company culture.

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Analyze Your Current Teams When Hiring For Key Positions

Think about it this way: the employees you hired when you were first starting your business were hired for a reason. They had the ability and the vision to get your business up and running and turn it from a dream into a reality. They possess specific skills that helped your company get started. But do they have the skills that will help your company grow and transform? This is a hard question to ask, but important for the growth and change in your business. These people are still probably very valuable employees, but they may not always be the ones you choose to move into key positions that will help foster growth within the company.

A good leader can see the strengths of each employee and put them in a place where they can contribute the most effectively. Be honest with yourself and think about if your current employees have what it takes to bring your company to the next level in 2021. Focus on who you need to hire to execute organizational change in your business.

Characteristics Of Key Players

If you find that you need to look outside of your current team to find top talent to help you grow, now is the time. But where do you start? How do you know who to hire first? This depends on the needs of your company. Look carefully at where the gaps are in your current business. What areas are struggling and in need of a more professional approach? These are the areas where you should focus on hiring key positions first. Maybe it's marketing, maybe it's sales, maybe it’s finance. If you already have key players in some of these positions, they don't need to be a priority. The only way to make your business strong is by focusing on its weakest points.

Once you can identify which aspects of your business need a little help, you can look carefully at the people who work in this department. Do the people in this department have the skills and abilities to take on more challenges to grow the business? Would they benefit from an experienced manager who could help facilitate training to help the current team improve? Do you know where to access this top talent or could you benefit from a staffing agency and it's wide network of motivated job seekers?

Hire For The Future When Hiring For Key Positions

One of the most important things to remember when hiring for a new position is that you're not just trying to fill the position now. You're trying to put someone in that key position who can benefit your company in the long run. To do this, make a list of qualities and skills that you want someone in this position to have. This will allow you to carefully enter the hiring process with a clear goal and vision. The worst thing you can do for a company's growth is hiring someone just to fill a position. Hiring the right person the first time may take a little bit longer, but it will significantly increase your chances of steady and consistent growth.

How To Hire For Key Positions

No matter who you are hiring, it's important that the people you bring into your business have the same vision that you do. When you are hiring key positions, it's important to look at experience, skill-set, and ability, but it's also just as important to hire someone who shares your vision. Skills can be taught, but you can't teach someone to share your passion or be excited about working towards a common goal. Look for someone who has the skills and experience and also shows a willingness to be part of the company's growth. When you find someone with all of these characteristics, you increase your chances of hiring an employee that will contribute to your company for the long term.

When hiring for key positions, look for someone who has experienced but is also ready and willing to learn. You don't want to put someone in a managerial position who thinks they already have all of the answers. Look for someone whose strengths include being flexible, adaptable, resourceful, and open-minded. As you conduct the hiring process, ask questions that allow job seekers to tell you about times when they've considered themselves to be forward-thinking or have implemented problem-solving skills. Communication, organization, planning, and experience are all characteristics you want when hiring someone for a key position or leadership role.

Get Help From A Professional

Every decision you make as a business owner will impact the company’s future, and hiring is no exception. The people you hire will either fast-track your business to the next level, or not. If you’ve identified the areas in your business that could benefit from top talent in key positions, contact a professional Los Angeles staffing and recruiting agency today!

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