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Starting At A Staffing Agency Can Lead To Long Term Careers

Finding a job can be tough. It requires a well-written resume, hours of job seeking, and a little bit of luck. There are many different ways for job seekers to take their next step, or their first step, towards a new career. Starting the search at a staffing agency can help potential employees find long term positions with companies that they may not have been able to approach on their own. Whether you’re looking for seasonal work, a first job, or a high-level advancement in your chosen industry, a staffing agency can be a great place to start.

Staffing Agencies Have An Extended Reach

One of the perks to starting your job search with a staffing agency is that they can access jobs and opportunities that may not be visible to the individual employee. While other employees are searching mainstream job application websites, staffing agencies have connections with employers that may not be advertising their openings this way. If you’re looking in all of the same places other career hopefuls are looking, your chances to land a long term position are drastically reduced. Imagine what would happen if you paired up with a staffing agency that knew of other companies that were hiring and gave you exclusive access to these openings?

Staffing Agencies Save Everyone Time And Money

Searching for a new job can quickly turn into a full-time position. If you’re serious about finding work, you could spend hours a day perfecting your resume, browsing online job openings, preparing for interviews, and waiting for callbacks. If you have other responsibilities, such as a full time job, school, or raising a family, you may not have time to dedicate hours a day to a job search. Staffing agencies do a lot of the prep work for you and can get your resume in front of multiple employers at the same time. This can lead to faster, more long term placement.

Staffing Agency Network | Hiring Through Temp Agency

Staffing Agencies Facilitate Networking

Snagging your dream job (or any job) means knowing the right people in the right places. Staffing agencies allow you to organically network with people across a wide range of industries. A staffing agency can help you get your foot in the door and meet the people you need to meet to advance your career. What may start as a temporary position could lead you to cross paths with someone who can offer you a long term position.

Along with networking, staffing agencies can also help with resume building. Some staffing agencies that also specialize in recruiting offer skills training, interview prep, and other resources to help you prepare for your new career.

Staffing Agencies Are Mutually Beneficial

Job seekers that use a staffing agency to find work are already a few steps ahead of those who rely solely on traditional job hunting methods. But job seekers aren’t the only ones who benefit from starting at a staffing agency. Employers also increase their chances of finding top talent when they work with a staffing agency. Finding the right employee the first time reduces turnover costs. It also helps staff small and mid-size companies find long term employees that add to the company culture and boost productivity and profit.

Staffing Agencies: A Smart Place To Start

If you’re looking for a new job, a staffing agency is a smart place to start. Not only can they help get your resume in front of actively hiring business owners, but it can turn a seasonal or temporary position into a long term, higher-paying job. Employers in the construction, health care, engineering, accounting,warehouse and other top performing industries in California use staffing agencies to reduce turnover and find top talent.

If you’re looking for work in the Orange County area, take the first step toward your new job today! Contact us today!


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