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A Staffing Agency's Value During A Pandemic

Covid has changed the way everyone does everything. It has shifted our mindsets about public health and safety and the way we do business, and has forced us to do things a little differently when it comes to navigating the modern workplace.

Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in Greater Los Angeles and the surrounding counties have had to get creative when it comes to modifying their employee screening, hiring, and interviewing processes. Many businesses have turned to staffing agencies to help them handle a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that comes with hiring and onboarding new employees. In a time where social distancing is the new normal, staffing agencies can help business owners maintain profitability and productivity while still adhering to CDC guidelines.

Staffing Agencies Reduce Business Expenses

Businesses throughout the state of California and throughout the country have taken an unexpected hit because of the global pandemic. Business owners have had to let go of many of their workers and even shut down completely. Many businesses can't afford to pay their full staff of employees during a time when business is so slow.

A staffing agency can help reduce business expenses by reducing turnover. A staffing agency takes the time to screen and hire qualified employees so that every position is filled with someone qualified to be there. This prevents spending money on screening, training, hiring, and onboarding an employee who isn't going to benefit the company long term. The turnover process can be very expensive for a small to medium-sized business, so finding the right person the first time is critical for businesses to stay successful during a pandemic.

Another way staffing agencies can reduce business expenses is by helping companies avoid overtime. Because so many companies have to layoff their employees, the remaining employees end up working more hours which causes them to be burnt out, overworked, and unproductive. Staffing agencies can help by finding temporary employees who can relieve full-time workers of their workload and improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

These temporary workers fill in the gaps within your workforce and allow you to flex up and down more nimbly. Often times, these temporary workers show great promise and demonstrate the ability to contribute to the team and end up being hired directly with your company.

Staffing Agency Employees Pandemic

Staffing Agencies Have Access To Top Talent

Because of Covid, business owners have to be very selective about who they hire. If they're trying to adhere to CDC guidelines about reducing the number of people working at one time, they have to ensure that the people that are working are the best of the best. This means not settling for mediocre employees and only keeping top-performers on staff. However, finding top performers can be hard even when there isn't a pandemic. Staffing agencies have access to a wide pool of qualified workers in a variety of industries and can connect top talent via their own employee pool without taking on extra cost burdens of bolstering your internal HR department. Hiring the right person the first time reduces the cost associated with turnover and helps to build a strong and competent team.

Staffing Agencies Fill Spots Quickly

Staffing agencies have one goal: to connect their employees to meaningful job assignments and projects. A staffing agency has the time to market open positions, reach out to top talent, review resumes, and even conduct a pre-interview process. These steps are vital in finding high-performing employees, but many small and medium-sized companies just don't have the time to do it, especially when they're already short-staffed. A staffing agency can take care of many of these behind-the-scenes details to find the right employee in a short amount of time. This means vacant positions are filled quicker, employees are trained, hired, and on-boarded quicker, and your company can get back to business faster.

Staffing Agency HR Department | Covid | Pandemic

Staffing Agencies Handle HR Responsibilities

Even if you're not actively looking for people to fill job positions, a staffing agency can still help reduce business costs, save you time, and help your business thrive during a pandemic. One way to do this is by handing things such as payroll, benefits, workers comp, and performance management to a staffing agency. This frees up more time in your schedule to focus on creation, production, marketing, and sales.

Working with a staffing agency means working with a dedicated team of professionals who are up-to-date on laws and policies regarding sick leave and other covid-19 specific issues. A professional staffing team can help navigate new challenges that small and mid-size businesses are unexpectedly facing. Are there aspects of your business that you could be assigned to a third-party staffing agency to manage your time more effectively? If so, Great Hire is equipped to do just that.

Next Steps

Companies in Los Angeles and other Orange County areas are quickly learning the value of working with a staffing agency during a pandemic. Construction businesses, accounting firms, tech companies, warehouses, and employers in the healthcare field are working with staffing companies to help them meet the demands of their customers, even during a pandemic.

How can an Orange County staffing agency help your business?

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